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9 Wins for Manufacturers Using Mobile CRM – Part 4: Day Management

Today’s blog post was co-authored by Kayla Silverstein, Marketing Specialist at Sonoma Partners.

Our mobile manufacturing blog post series outlines the ways in which manufacturing firms can benefit from using CRM on devices. So far we’ve covered how mobile surfaces the information that matters, and we’ve looked at examples of companies using mobile CRM to manage data on-the-go. Most recently, we discussed how CRM mobility can increase revenue for your organization. Today’s post covers how CRM mobility can monitor and manage the day-to-day activities for your field sellers.

4. Day Management

The tools you invest in as an organization reflect how you plan to enable growth and increase revenue. With mobile CRM, sellers can order samples and close purchase orders the moment they happen, ensuring that your customers receive their orders in a timely manner. Getting orders to your CRM and ERP systems as soon as possible also enables a better service experience for your customer. They can complete report logs, optimize their day’s schedule, or quickly access marketing and product collateral.

Increase Productivity

Whether configuring the native CRM mobile solutions or developing your own custom mobile applications, these solutions empower sellers to be more productive with their day and interactions with CRM. For instance, your on-the-go reps can log notes, store product or service case images directly to Account records, capture competitive intel, and view nearby Accounts right from their phone or tablet. Users can quickly create activities that are fully integrated with the native email and phone apps on the device. By leveraging both user and design experience, you create simple and elegant interfaces that meet the needs of your sellers, while allowing them to work faster. Ultimately, this translates to more sales for your organization.

Mobile CRM_img4 (002)

Streamline Efforts

Build your custom mobile application in a way that’s specific to your sellers’ use cases. For instance, if your sellers conduct surveys in the field or evaluate potential opportunities, a mobile CRM solution can make a big difference. Mobile CRM solutions can prompt next activities or provide meeting agendas, and then follow-up automatically with employees at your organization headquarters to move opportunities along quickly and efficiently.

Customer Example: Hisco

Hisco is a specialty distribution company serving a large number of industrial markets, including aerospace/defense, medical, and electronics. Hisco’s previous CRM integration was not well implemented or adopted due to inefficient custom development and slow load times. By investing in Salesforce and Salesforce1 mobile application, Hisco provided their sellers a value-add system that enhanced their sales efforts. The new system fully integrates with ERP data and surfaces that information in the mobile application, providing additional value for those traveling sellers.

Stay tuned for more wins for manufacturers who invest in a CRM mobile application. If you’re interested in learning what might be possible at your organization, contact us.