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9 Wins for Manufacturers Using Mobile CRM - Part 3: Increase Revenue

Today’s blog post was written by Kayla Silverstein, Marketing Specialist at Sonoma Partners.

Field sales teams at manufacturing organizations are doing the best they can to meet with prospective clients while pushing products at the ideal time and place.

Is your company providing your sales team with the best tools to work in the field?

An on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) system requires sellers to be in the office to access critical customer data. Why not invest in a tool that’s just as mobile as your sellers?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share nine key wins for manufacturing companies using mobile CRM solutions. So far, we’ve covered the importance of surfacing information that matters and the advantages of data access on-the-go that mobile CRM provides. Now, it’s time to talk dollars and sense.

3. Increase Revenue

Mobile_CRM_blog_3_500x300At the end of the day, the tools you invest in as an organization reflect how you plan to enable growth and increase revenue. Manufacturers using mobile CRM can close orders on the spot, the moment they happen, ensuring that your team isn’t missing out on opportunities between sales calls.

Free Up Time

Custom mobile applications empower businesses to do incredible things with CRM. Free up time for your reps on-the-go when they can log notes, store images directly to Account records, and view nearby Accounts in CRM. Users can create Associated Activities quickly and fully integrated with the native email and phone apps on the device. By leveraging both user experience and design expertise, you can have a simple, elegant interface that meets the needs of your sellers, while allowing them to work faster. Ultimately, this translates to more sales for your organization.

Streamline Efforts

Build your custom mobile application in a way that’s specific to your sellers’ use cases. If you have sellers conducting surveys in the field or evaluating potential opportunities, a mobile CRM solution can make a big difference. CRM can prompt next activities and follow-up automatically with employees at your organization headquarters to move opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Customer Example: Brooklyn Brewery

Like most breweries, Brooklyn Brewery’s sales reps are not conducting “sales,” as much as they are monitoring product quality, building relationships with their buyers, conducting surveys, and assessing product placement. To enable their sellers to access customer data on-the-go, leadership invested in a mobile CRM solution.

CRM has brought a focus to Brooklyn Brewery’s sales organization. Their sellers can go onsite, research customer information onsite, and focus on the ultimate goal: helping Brooklyn Brewery grow their reach, sell strategically to their customers, and – of course – increase revenue.

Stay tuned for more wins for manufacturers who invest in a CRM mobile application. If you’re interested in learning what might be possible at your organization, contact us.

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