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iPhone Tip with the Dynamics 365 Mobile Client

Apple's recent iOS 11 update came with an interesting regression bug of how to autocorrect the letter i, even getting a parody on Jimmy Fallon (skip to the 2:34 mark). The bug is now corrected in a recent patch, but the original work was to use the iOS text replacement feature. This reminded me of how I use this feature to autocomplete CRM URLs and email addresses to make my login experience with the Dynamics 365 mobile client a better experience.

If you use the Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0 then you get a nice prompt for your credentials (saving you having to type in your email address every time you wish to sign in). However, Sonoma Partners uses federation with our Dynamics 365 Online instance, and we are presented with the old school user name/password page. It was getting really annoying for me to type in on an iPhone keyboard. Moreover, I have multiple online environments I test, so I wanted a way to more quickly shortcut those deployment's URLs.

Enter Text Replacement.

Tap the Settings icon, select General, then tap Keyboard.

Then tap Text Replacement.

Now create your shortcuts. I have some setup for different domain url's, different email addresses, and for some reason left the default "On my way!" in there too!


Now when I setup my Dynamics 365 mobile application, I simply use my new shortcuts for the URL and email address.

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Of course this shortcut technique works for any text field in an iPhone application, so use it as needed.

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