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Sonoma Partners Becomes a Microsoft CSP

Today's blog post was written by Corey O'Brien, VP of Development at Sonoma Partners.

We're excited to announce that Sonoma Partners has entered the ranks of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers. This means that not only will we continue to provide the best-in-class Dynamics services you have come to expect, but that we also now sell and support subscriptions to Microsoft services.

What does this mean?

We were already supporting these solutions, but adding this offering means we are now officially a one-stop-shop for our clients. Our support solutions and accelerators – more coming soon! – will not only add value to the platform but can now be included as part of our CSP offering. As said by Microsoft, “The Cloud Solution Provider program puts our partners in the middle of the relationship with the customer, delivering on solution success, and managing the business relationship.” You can learn more about the benefits of being and working with a CSP partner with Microsoft here.

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Our team has been working with Dynamics for years and is recognized as a leader in the Microsoft Dynamics world. We already have support tools to monitor our clients’ Dynamics instances proactively, providing insight into potential issues before they arise. Our team continues to look for ways to bundle in additional IP with subscriptions to provide more value to our customers.

Why should you care?

Starting immediately, our clients can buy subscriptions to Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, and Azure from us directly. Purchasing through a CSP partner, as opposed to going directly to Microsoft, can provide you with a broader range of purchasing methods, more flexible and customized solutions, and a more direct line of support. Whether you have already taken advantage of our services or would like to start with licenses first, we can help.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact us.

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