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How to Be Awesome at Sonoma Part 7: Be Fun

This post continues our “How to Be Awesome” series, highlighting exemplary Sonomans who live out the different elements of our “How to Be Awesome” list.


From people who act like pros, deliver quality work, communicate well, just do it, foster a positive environment, and manage themselves, we are in no shortage of awesomeness at Sonoma Partners. The next element of our “How to Be Awesome” list to highlight is be fun.

Yes, it’s work…but we can still have some laughs along the way. We have a team of great people, and we look to hire others who are fun to work with. Take the time to attend company events, eat lunch with others, and get to know your coworkers.

Here are some Sonomans who are fun to work with and how they do it:

Doug_croppedDoug Fighter – Principal Consultant

“Doug knows how to interject humor into meetings. He has appropriate timing to focus on productivity when necessary, but it can also help clients and Sonomans crack a smile when necessary.” - A fellow Sonoman

What advice do you have for others to “be fun”?

“Project work is full of highs and lows and the lows can be very stressful and deflating. It’s most important in those times that you find some moments of levity to remind the team that we’re in it together and we should do our best to find the fun.” - Doug Fighter

Pam Powell – Senior AnalystPam_powell_

“Pam Powell will always add a laugh to a meeting that is very dry or no one will speak. I'm grateful that she goes off mute even if it's just to respond that she can hear me. She is funny and lightens situations when appropriate.” - A fellow Sonoman

What does “be fun” mean to you?

“’Being fun’ is laughing with the team, which means not only fellow Sonomans but also clients. We spend such a large portion of our waking hours at work; it’d be a shame not to enjoy them!” - Pam Powell

Kayla_cropped-1Kayla Silverstein – Marketing Specialist

“For being here only just over a year, Kayla has really engrained herself in Sonoma. She makes an effort to know everyone, is at every event, and often around the office. She's extremely personable and is always good for a few laughs.” - A fellow Sonoman

What advice do you have for others to “be fun”?

“I think my advice for others is to be aware of your surroundings. Being fun can mean a lot of things, but above all, it’s about being a good person and a pleasant person to be around. I try and notice if someone is sitting alone at lunch and join them or include someone for drinks after work if it seems they’re having a stressful week. I believe it’s all about doing your part to create a positive work environment.” - Kayla Silverstein

Rachel Sullivan – Principal ConsultantRachel_cropped-1

“This is for sure Rachel. I always see her interacting with a variety of Sonomans, and she always comes to work with a smile and positive attitude.” – A fellow Sonoman

Why is being fun an important part of the How to Be Awesome list at Sonoma?

“At Sonoma, we look to be the best at what we do. To do this, we work in teams and learn a lot from each other. Being fun is part of what makes a team work and improve together.” - Rachel Sullivan

Kristian_croppedKristian Altuve – Business Analyst

“He is absolutely hysterical just being himself. He is so genuine and a pleasure to work with.” - A fellow Sonoman

What does “be fun” mean to you?

“Fun is a state of mind, and it takes humility to get there. I think the first step is giving ourselves the permission to “be fun.” Once we do that, the space for creativity and foolishness opens up.” - Kristian Altuve

Interested in joining our awesome team of Sonomans? Check out our open positions here.

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