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Day in the Life: Meet Charles

Today's blog post was written by Kayla Silverstein, Marketing Specialist at Sonoma Partners.

From Inside Sales Rep to Account Executive, Charles Winkler has seen many sides of Sonoman life.

We sat down with Charles to hear more about what it’s like working at Sonoma on our sales team, his favorite parts of Sonoman life, and what advice he has for future Sonoma sellers.


How would you describe a typical day in the life of a Sonoma Account Executive?

Winkler: Every day is different. I’m typically working down my to-do list of follow-ups, scheduling meetings with prospects, and making phone calls. Sometimes I have check-ins with the folks at Microsoft or with my manager. There is very little micromanaging in this role, so the day is very much what I choose to make of it.

What is your favorite part about working at Sonoma Partners?

Winkler: I really love the people at this organization. Everyone is very smart and works hard to help the business be successful. I’m never at a loss for people to ask questions of.

I also love the opportunity to grow and develop here. I began my work at Sonoma Partners as an Inside Sales Representative, mostly cold calling and prospecting at the top of the funnel. After working in that role for a few years, I was given the opportunity to move into an Account Executive role. Now, I get to see my deals all the way through to close. I’m the point of contact throughout the process, and I’m constantly interacting with customers. I really love taking on a consultative role in my selling – listening to the customer and customizing a plan for them with the help of other team members. I find it a very fulfilling role because you can see the impact you get to make on your prospects. I listen to their struggles and see what we can do to help.

CRM is also an exciting industry to be in. I’m on the Microsoft-side of our organization, and the product is always evolving. New updates and releases keep me on my toes and constantly learning to better help my customers. With all the different use cases for CRM and the industries it touches, it’s a lot of fun to challenge prospects with a new use case they may not have considered before. Selling custom solutions with a leading brand name behind it doesn’t hurt either.

What is your favorite Sonoma perk?

Winkler: Sonoma life is definitely a good one. I enjoy the work/life balance the company allows its employees. I also enjoy the “Boost My Roost” benefit that allows me to provide for my home office. I really believe Sonoma Partners is invested in making sure I have all the tools I need to be successful at this organization.

What advice do you have for future Sonoma sellers?

Winkler: The advice I would give for future Sonoma sellers is to utilize your coworkers. As I said, these are incredibly smart people, so use them to your advantage to differentiate from the competition and win.

Also, be patient, especially if you’re new to CRM. There is a lot to learn here, and it comes with time. Watch, listen, and absorb to be the best seller you can and fully wrap your arms around the product.

Lastly, get to know your coworkers early and often. The better rapport you have, the more successful you’ll be and fun you’ll have.

What do you think it takes to be successful at Sonoma and in our sales organization?

Winkler: Don’t wait for others to make things happen – get after it. We talk about being “hungry” for the deal. Staying focused and doing all that you can to move opportunities along will pay off, so don’t give up.

Relationships are key to being successful at Sonoma. Not only with our customers, but also with our software vendors. Make sure you’re in close contact with all of these players and building those relationships. It will pay off big time.

Thanks, Charles! Are you interested in joining our sales organization? Check out our open positions here.

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