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What's the Marketing Buzz? Tell me what's a-happening.

Today's blog post was written by Jeff Meister, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

The D365 community has been eagerly discussing the new marketing solution to be offered with the upcoming July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365. This update is being coined as the 'largest ever,' and we at Sonoma Partners couldn't be more excited.

Of the new features and apps, I am personally most excited about the Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition solution. Since the solution hasn't been released for Preview yet, we still have quite a few questions, but I wanted to take some time to talk about my understanding, and remind you that all of this is under ‘safe harbor’ until the app is officially released.

The functionality expected in the first release is impressive, and is currently expected to include:

  • Email Marketing
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Inbox Preview
    • Insights and Email tracking
    • Visualization reporting
  • Event Management
    • Registration, Sponsorship, Session and track, Attendance tracking
    • Venue management
    • Webinars with ON24 integration
    • Event portal
  • Landing Pages
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Ready to use forms and templates
    • Behavior tracking
    • Subscription center tracking
  • Lead Management
    • Multi-channel mapping of customer journeys through a drag and drop editor
    • Lead nurturing
    • Lead qualification
    • Lead scoring and prioritization
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen connector
    • Out of the box integration with Leads created via LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Also note, the app is built natively within D365, meaning no connector or integration with 3rd party platforms. The setup and configuration of the new app is supposed to happen with simplicity and ease.

While the details above are great, there are still some unknowns that are worth mentioning:

  • Cost
  • Release date
  • How D365 for Marketing differs from the Adobe Marketing Cloud offering?
    • What we would really love to see is feature comparison across the two solutions so we can understand where D365 for Marketing stops and Adobe Marketing Cloud starts.
    • I look at this both from a features/functionality perspective, as well as a performance and send volume perspective.

Some key questions are still outstanding, but I expect to hear more on these topics from Microsoft in the near term. I plan to have a follow-up post in the next few weeks with clarifications and additional details around the above topics.

All-in-all, we are extremely excited about the new offering Microsoft is putting together. The level of investment in a product like this shows Microsoft is truly working to make D365 a best-in-breed solution.

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