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Successful Events Using Sonoma Partners Attendee App

Today's blog post was written by Brian Kasic, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

At Sonoma Partners, we use CRM to optimize our event planning process. These events include mainly networking socials for new or existing clients and recruiting opportunities for the company, but I like to consider them as good old fashion happy hour parties.

In our office, we like to hold them quarterly. It allows us to go through our teams’ contact lists, determine whether we have any new opportunities, and create the human interaction element that is essential to retaining existing business, gaining new opportunities, and/or hiring employees. 

Since we repeat these events, we created a step-by-step process to manage attendee lists and logistics using CRM. This process can be used for training events, conferences, team building activity, or group meetings. Anything where you need to identify a venue and manage a list of attendees.


At most events, there are always last-minute additions and cancellations to the invite list. Making real-time updates via mobile device is easy when managing the invite list in CRM…but we’ll get to that later.

Both Dynamics 365 and Salesforce allows multiple people to help manage the attendance counts in a collaborative way. Gone are the days when a single point of contact has to manage every RSVP. Instead, you can use a real-time dashboard with up-to-the-minute attendee status where team members can jot down notes about their interactions with them (just check out the Attendee App from Sonoma Partners!). It is extremely helpful and can even be used to look up names at the event to remember details about the person or the opportunity.

Here is our step-by-step “Planning Process” that we integrated into CRM:

  1. Determine the budget
  2. Identify venue options
  3. Save the date
  4. Add to attendees to invite list in a collaborative fashion with everyone pitching in to identify the optimal group
  5. Secure venue
  6. Create venue information such as dates, times, address, attire on team site or web landing page
  7. Set cutoff date for save the date email to attendees for internal team
  8. Draft attendee email communications
  9. Review email communication
  10. Determine if any party gifts will be given
  11. Approve party gifts
  12. Order / coordinate party gifts
  13. Send save the date invite via email
  14. Determine if anyone should not get reminder email
  15. Draft event reminder email
  16. Review event reminder email
  17. Send event reminder email
  18. Ensure all the team members going to the event have installed the Attendee App from Sonoma Partners!
  19. Get name tags to venue
  20. Party!

The real magic happens when you use the Attendee App at events. During our last event, I was introduced to a group of people who had lanyard name tags. As luck would have it, the lanyards were turned backwards, and I could not see their names. I had been introduced to 15 people right before this and could not recall some of their names. But with the Attendee app, I was able to quickly, easily, and subtlety find the person’s name in question making the networking event go off without a hitch.

Interested in learning more about our Attendee App? Please contact us here.

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