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Power BI Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Update

Today's blog post was written by Keith Mescha, Principal Architect at Sonoma Partners.

In case you missed it, back in June we release a tool for helping you with using your Dynamics data in Power BI. Please read the original blog post for more details or watch our video overview on our YouTube Channel. I also covered this topic on the CRM Audio podcast.

The community response to this tool was great, and we received some feedback that we have incorporated into a fresh build. V1.1.7 was released and our download page has been updated with this version that addresses these key areas:

  • Datetimes will actually be of the datetime type in Power BI (you don’t need to do any conversion, we do that for you).
  • If the query you run has no data, an empty table will be generated with the correct column headings. Previously an error saying that “Column1 does not exist” was popping up.
  • There was an unreported error that sometimes the URL being generated was incorrect. For example, /actioncard instead of /actioncards.
  • The entity list was sometimes not in Alpha order. It now is sorted correctly
  • Removed non-user entities from the list that are not available through advanced find (e.g. actioncard). This should only remove some system entities that normal users don’t need access to anyhow.

We have made this Dynamics Managed Solution available on our website for you to try out.

We are happy to assist in your BI projects and have a team of data professionals ready to assist you as you extend your Dynamics system to other O365 offerings like Power BI.

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