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Can Users Really Change?

Today's blog post was written by Kristie Reid, VP of Consulting at Sonoma Partners.

How hard is it really to change the minds of who you hope will embrace your CRM system? Unfortunately, it depends on the user. You can implement the best CRM system in the world but without user adoption, the program will be considered a failure. And without a plan of attack for that user adoption, your chances of success are slim. In fact, studies show that slow user adoption is the biggest threat to CRM projects.

So…get a plan of attack! Unlike the technical solution of implementing a new CRM system, gaining consensus of users must take on a more individualized approach. Let’s consider the following three stakeholders in our “fictional” CRM implementation (even though these people are made up, I’m sure you will recognize them):

Kristie1b_750 white background

In our Change Management Methodology, we focus on 5 main areas to address individual plans for change:

  • Readiness
  • Strategy
  • Sponsorship
  • Communication
  • Learning

When thinking about a plan of attack for each individual personality that will need managed throughout a CRM program, we address these five key areas.

Let’s go back to our team and see how we can address these areas with those individuals:

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