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How to Be Awesome at Sonoma Part 6: Manage Yourself

This post continues our “How to Be Awesome” series, highlighting exemplary Sonomans who live out the different elements of our “How to Be Awesome” list.

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From Sonomans who act like pros, deliver quality work, communicate well, just do it, and foster a positive environment, we have some pretty awesome employees. The next element of our “How to Be Awesome” list to highlight is manage yourself.

Managing yourself is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be an awesome Sonoman. It’s about making sure you can handle multiple projects at once and prioritize urgent versus just important items. You understand that the best-case scenario rarely happens and plan accordingly. You anticipate problems before they happen and alert others with ample time to adjust course accordingly. We aren’t believers in micro-management, so don’t make yourself someone who requires it.

Here is how some Sonomans manage themselves:

NathenNathen Drees – Senior Developer

“I don’t know if anyone is better at prioritization and seeing conflicts before they happen than Nathen. He readjusts estimates, coordinates with project leads, and dives right in where he is needed most.”

What advice do you have for others trying to manage themselves?

Nathen: Find a way to be organized. Managing yourself often just involves being organized enough to see the conflicts far down the road, which then empowers you to react accordingly. Being organized also helps you collate the various ideas and conversations you have with people and allows you to start finding themes that you can act on.

Ashley Alexander - QA Ashley (1)

“Ashley Alexander has really demonstrated how to juggle multiple demands at once, and she’s really good at it. She’s had to get creative with QA resources, and she always pitches in to help. Not only has she mastered managing herself, but she’s been incredibly proactive in managing the QA team to keep us on schedule.”

What does “manage yourself” mean to you?

Ashley: Manage yourself means to be able to productively work with others, to ensure that the end goal is met effectively, all while being accountable for yourself.

Eli Kloswick - Developer

“While working with Eli, I know I can count on him to get all of his work done despite the demands of his other projects. I will forget I assigned him something, remember, check-in with him, and he always very nonchalantly responses with, ‘It’s done, in a change set, and ready to be deployed.’ This guy must have a million things to do, but he makes them all his priority, and he always comes through with a top-notch product.”

Why is “manage yourself” an important part of the how to be awesome list at Sonoma?

Eli: Sonoma has a culture of being self-sufficient. It’s expected that you can handle what’s on your plate in a reasonable manner. Not having to constantly check in on team members for fear of sluggish progress is one of the many things that makes Sonoma great.

Interested in joining our awesome team of Sonomans? Check out our open positions here.

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