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Dynamics 365 Demo Video: Relationship Assistant

Today's blog post and video were created by Bryson Engelen, Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners.

The Relationship Assistant really makes Dynamics 365 work for you by giving you the right information at the right time.  It presents the user with the most relevant and timely information the system has to offer, like if a Lead or Opportunity is getting stale, if someone emailed about a proposal, or which of your Contacts will attend an upcoming meeting.  And what makes Relationship Assistant even more valuable is it presents information from your email inbox and calendar, like reminders about flights or a heads-up about a customer asking for a product.  Some of the things the Relationship Assistant can help you with include reminders about upcoming activities; suggestions on when to reach out to a contact that’s been inactive for a while; identifying email messages that may be waiting for a reply from you; or alerting you when an important opportunity is nearing its close date. Best of all, the Relationship Assistant can be set up against Custom Activities, so if you have important reminders that don’t fit the out-of-the-box cards, you can add some of your own.

The Relationship Assistant works constantly in the background, analyzing what’s going on for you day-to-day, and presenting you an agenda of the most important tasks, meetings, emails, accounts, opportunities, and more that deserve your attention right now. These insights are displayed as action cards that you can drill into for more information, snooze, or dismiss. The action cards are visible on the mobile app, on dashboards, and even at the top of individual records. There are many different types of cards available, which are linked to in the description of the video below. Enjoy!

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