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Dynamics 365 Demo Video: Outlook Add-In for Phone and Desktop

Today's blog post and video were created by Bryson Engelen, Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners.

The Dynamics 365 Outlook Add-in for Phone & Desktop allows you to create new records from your email inbox (Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity), track emails against existing records (including pinned and recently viewed), and see high level details about each recipient and the D365 record the email is tracked against.  In addition, replies can include information coming from D365 like email templates, Sales Literature, and KB Articles and they can be followed so the opens, replies, clicked links, and opened attachments are tracked.  Many of the same capabilities are available for your calendar, and all of this is available in the web and desktop versions of Outlook and in the iOS version of the Outlook mobile app.

To learn more, watch the video below:

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