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Dynamics 365 Demo Video: Office Groups

Today's blog post and video were created by Bryson Engelen, Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners.

Whether you need to collaborate with colleagues who aren’t on Dynamics 365 or you need to collaborate with customers who aren’t on Office 365, the Office Groups integration in the context of Dynamics 365 makes things easy. It provides out-of-the-box integration with Office 365 Groups for agenda, conversation, OneNote, documents, and member management. While many of the feature sets of Office Groups in relation to Dynamics have been around for a while, in this release there were several powerful enhancements. First was the ability to add external members to a group who are not tied to your Office 365 instance and the ability to show their presence. There is also flexibility on associating or disassociating an existing Office 365 group with an entity record. Finally, in this release, when it comes to PSA, when you add a project team member, they are automatically added as a member of the Office 365 Group. Those are just some of the new features around the integration. To see it in action and get the perspective of both a Dynamics 365 and external group member, check out this video. 

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365