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Dynabacus: Now Available in AppSource

We are happy to announce that Dynabacus is now available in AppSource and on our website for on premise Dynamics CRM users! 

Dynabacus supports Dynamics CRM 2015+. As we described in a previous introductory post, Dynabacus is a record counting tool that is packaged as a Managed Solution in your CRM instance. Your team might be looking to see the impact of applying field changes, or preparing for a new integration or data migration. Or maybe you just need a record count that is more than the maximum count of 5,000 shown in grids and advanced find. Dynabacus will allow you to leverage existing views from CRM to allow you to filter and count the records you want for multiple entities or even multiple views on the same entity. Just select the entities and views and click Get Counts.


We have also added the ability to export a set of counts to a csv file. This can be used to compare results before and after changes, as one example. This ability can also come in handy when running tests before making a change in production as you can import these csv files into a Dynamics instance and the set of entities and views that were used on a previous run will be populated and ready to run again.

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics 365