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3 Dynamics 365 Demos to Make Your Life Easier

Today's videos and blog post were created by Kevin Yamashita, Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners.

At Sonoma Partners, not only do we enable our customers to be highly successful with their CRM implementation, but we also rely on the very same tool to run our own business. While we appreciate all of the horsepower and flexibility that Microsoft Dynamics provides from the standard web client, sometimes there are use cases where this particular access point into CRM simply doesn’t fit the need. As an organization, we struggle with the same challenges that many of our customers do: timely data entry, data cleanliness, user adoption, the list goes on…

To solve some of these issues we leverage two of our specialties: UX design and custom mobile.

Today, we’d like to share three videos with you that showcase some of the custom solutions that we’ve developed to augment and improve our own internal CRM system. Recognizing that our users don’t spend every moment of their day with our CRM system open, these tools let users perform the key functions of their jobs in a place, at a time, and in a way that make the most sense for them. Because at the end of the day the success of a CRM program isn’t about technology; it’s about people and how a system can make each person’s life a little bit easier.

Project Lighthouse 

See how a custom mobile application from Sonoma Partners can make managing professional services projects easy. Whether you’re using the Project Service module in Dynamics 365 or a wholly custom setup, this streamlined UI available on the go makes interacting with CRM data a cinch.

Check Please 

This mobile application from Sonoma Partners makes it easy to log expenses in CRM while on the go. See how we improved our own internal CRM usage by making a common task simpler to perform any time and any place.

Time Buddy 

As a consulting firm, we log lots of time in our internal CRM system, but navigating to CRM to do this throughout the day was becoming cumbersome for our staff. See how we developed two new interfaces into CRM to make this constant and repetitive task easier for our entire team.

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