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Dynamics 365 Demo Video: Auto Capture

Today's blog post and video were created by Bryson Engelen, Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners.

I'd like to share one of my favorite features of Dynamics 365 in this demo video.

Auto Capture lets you see emails relevant to an Account or Contact from within Dynamics 365 before they are tracked into the system.

Dynamics 365 now finds email messages within Microsoft Exchange to or from relevant email addresses and displays them right against the related records in Dynamics 365. Then, with just a click, you can move them from the personal intelligence of your inbox up to the collective intelligence of Dynamics 365, making them available to your team and for use by other Relationship Insights features.

You can still track messages in Dynamics 365 in all the ways that you could before, this just adds another way to bring emails from Exchange into Dynamics.  The emails found by auto capture show up inline with the rest of the record’s activities and are displayed on Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Account, Case, and Custom entities.

It should be noted that each email is private and visible only to you unless you choose to convert it to a tracked email.  It displays in gray with a dotted border and includes a Track link and private email label. Once you choose to track the email, all you need to do is click the track link to bring that message into Dynamics 365.  To see Auto Capture in action, watch the video below. 

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