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User Experience: K.I.S.S. User Adoption Problems Goodbye

Today's blog post was written by Kevin Mech, Senior UX Architect at Sonoma Partners.

A CRM platform is a major investment, and user adoption ultimately determines its success. A user’s experience with the platform is the difference between it being viewed as a useful tool or a mandatory burden. To encourage user adoption, the user’s needs must be fulfilled in an intuitive and simplistic manner.

The K.I.S.S. principle, or Keep It Simple, Stupid, is one of the best approaches for increasing usability and creating exceptional user experiences.

To an inexperienced user, CRM platforms are the antithesis of simple. To create the ideal experience, first consider the user’s needs. A company’s business processes determine an employee’s responsibilities and objectives. Be mindful of these objectives when considering an out-of-the-box CRM solution versus a customized alternative. CRM platforms are powerful but complicated, making it difficult to keep the experience simple.

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Going Native

The "native" option is a CRM platform without custom modifications. CRM platforms are designed to accommodate the majority of business processes and user needs. If these processes align well with native CRM functionality, this solution is a viable option and the most cost-effective. However, the K.I.S.S. principle is most difficult to apply in this scenario, since these systems are also inherently complex.

To alleviate this complexity, understanding the user’s objectives is imperative. Map the objectives to areas in CRM that allow the user to complete them in the quickest and most intuitive manner available. To assist in this process, Sonoma Partners offers “ride-along” sessions where the discovery team identifies user needs through observation and discussion, and recommends the most user-friendly approach.

Custom Needs, Custom Experiences

Advanced business processes require customizations to the functionality and user interfaces within CRM for an optimal user experience. Such processes often require the user to complete multiple steps or redundantly perform a task within the constraints of a native CRM platform. The user may need to view an aggregate summary across multiple records, perform a custom search, or another use case that native CRM solves with a discombobulated or non-existent interface.

Once again, identifying the needs and objectives of the user is crucial. What is the user trying to accomplish? Why? How does the user currently accomplish the objective? Understanding the motivational factors behind a user’s actions reveals which pieces of data and functionality are relevant to a user in a customized interface. Initially, this option is more costly, but that cost is recouped through increased productivity and higher user adoption.

After the business requirements and user needs are understood, a customized user interface is created. Sonoma Partner’s user experience team designs the optimal experience for users to accomplish their objectives faster and more efficiently than in a native CRM environment. These customizations range from a small widget to a full screen design and often exist within the context of the native CRM interface. When native CRM creates a poor user experience, customization is a great way to encourage user adoption.

Custom-Tailored Mobile Apps

CRM has been desktop-centric for decades, however, not all CRM use cases revolve around a stationary computer. These users require a mobile solution that allows them to access and update CRM data while out and about. For example, many outside sales representatives spend time updating CRM records long after their face-to-face visits and calls occurred. If these users were provided with a customized mobile application, they could manage their daily responsibilities immediately without wasting valuable selling time.

CRM platforms have lightweight mobile solutions, but they are holistic and are not tailored to particular use cases. A custom application specifically targets user’s needs and surfaces the perfect amount of data required to manage their objectives. Sonoma Partner’s mobility team works with these users to conceptualize and develop the ideal phone or tablet application. This solution maximizes a user’s productivity, efficiency, and overall experience, immediately justifying the initial investment.

To ensure the user’s needs are met, a Sonoma Partners user experience architect accompanies several users on “ride-alongs” to observe them in their working environments. Ride-alongs result in key insights into a user’s daily objectives, pain points, and challenges. Focusing on these insights and following the K.I.S.S. principle results in an app that provides the user the perfect amount of data and functionality to maximize a user’s experience.

Keep It Simple

Make the most of your CRM platform by keeping the experience simple. Identify the objectives of your users and consider whether a native or customized solution results in the best user experience. This ultimately drives the greatest gauge of CRM success: user adoption.

If you ever need assistance to increase user adoption of your CRM solution, we are happy to help.

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