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Looking for Our Pot of Gold with Spring '17

Today's blog post was written by Troy Oliveira, Principal Developer at Sonoma Partners.

If you’ve logged into a Salesforce sandbox in the last couple of days, you may have noticed that things are a little sunnier than they were last week.

That’s because Salesforce updated sandboxes to the Spring ’17 release over the weekend.

As we’ve come to expect over the last few releases, a big theme in Spring ’17 is LIGHTNING, LIGHTNING and more LIGHTNING. Apparently after all of that lightning has cleared up, you’re left with a fun, animated rainbow. Does this mean that there isn’t anything of value for Classic customers? Hardly, but it does continue the pattern of Salesforce focusing a great deal of their efforts in making Lightning the future of the platform.

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Service Cloud, Struck by Lightning

The big ticket item in Spring ’17 has got to be the Beta release of Service Cloud Lightning. Salesforce has completely overhauled the Service Console that we all know and love from Classic and turned it into the Salesforce Console for Service.

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This marks the last major cloud to move into the Lightning Experience and has led to some pretty fun innovations under the covers that benefit the entire platform.

Knowledge has been completely re-imagined for Service Cloud Lightning and as a result, this is a place where moving from Classic to Lightning will require some additional configuration and migration of data.

Other key takeaways for the Service Cloud Lighting also include Live Agent, an iOS App for Field Service Lightning and a more streamlined setup experience (We'll post more on these features soon!).

Making Lightning Yours

As Lightning has grown in feature parity, Salesforce has started to put a great deal of effort into making the interface configurable to and allowing more flexibility for granular control of the look and feel.

A big step forward in Spring ’17 is the ability to create Lightning Pages that can be scoped to Profiles or Record Types. This was a heavily used feature in Classic page layouts, but now extends even further by allowing for even more customization beyond just the “Details” that are shown.

Paths and Kanban

In the initial roll-out of Lightning, Salesforce provided a Kanban view of Opportunities. This provided a great way to be able to see (and make changes to) Opportunity records based on what stage they were assigned to. In Winter ’17, this was expanded to include Leads as well.

Now, the same abilities have been extended to Quotes and Custom Objects. Add your own custom Paths, and you can have a custom Kanban view of your Custom Object. This will provide you with the same ability to track stages and milestones for your custom objects as already existed for Leads and Opportunities.

These are my favorite things!

Finally, I come to what is probably one of my favorite new tidbits that has been thrown in with Spring ’17 but isn’t getting much buzz: the ability to mark records and views as “favorites” in Lightning. Much in the same what the bookmarks help make your web browsing experience more targeted, Favorites will keep you from stumbling through Salesforce looking for that exact right view of what you need to see. Simply click the  button in the global actions portion of the page to mark “favorite” it. And voila, you have a quick link back to the page that you can get to from anywhere. Switching between apps? It doesn’t matter; the favorite keeps tabs of what app you were in when you clicked it.

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Don’t just take my word for it.

Obviously these are just some of the highlights that I’ve found to be particularly exciting. For more information about the Spring ’17 release check out the Release Notes or the Salesforce Releases YouTube Channel for more.

If you have any questions on how Spring ’17 will affect you or would like some help getting started, please Contact Us. We’d love to hear from you!

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