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How to Be Awesome at Sonoma Part 3: Be a Good Communicator


This post is the third in our "How to Be Awesome" series, highlighting exemplary Sonomans who live out the different elements of our "How to Be Awesome" list.

The third item on the “How to Be Awesome” list: be a good communicator. This emphasizes the importance of ensuring your message is clear and unambiguous, whether through verbal or written techniques. To be a good communicator you also understand the difference in levels of communication to various audiences and determining what is most appropriate.

Here is how some Sonomans are excellent communicators:

ElaineElaine Chang – Developer
“Elaine is fantastic about letting you know what questions she has in a very concise, clear manner. They’re always well-thought-out, and she’s done the research to provide different options if we need to make a choice of which direction to go. She’s also great about proactive communication about hitting hours for the week and status of items.”

What does being a good communicator mean to you?
For me, being a good communicator means having the ability to convey information in a clear and succinct manner. I try to provide as much applicable information as possible when both asking and answering questions. I find this cuts down on misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Dan Leszkowicz – Senior Account Executive Dan
“Dan is a clear, concise communicator internally at Sonoma, but also (and especially) with his clients. He writes excellent, clear emails. When in-person, he speaks well and provides a steady, knowledgeable presence that clients love.”

What tip would you give for being a good communicator?
I learned early-on in my career, that perception is reality.  And communication, regardless of medium, is really all people have, on which to base those perceptions.  Being a good communicator requires having something valuable to contribute, but that’s just table stakes.  The rest – it’s all about good, old-fashioned manners.  Treat your audience how you’d like to be treated, say “please” and “thank you”, and listen more than you speak.

RachelRachel Sullivan – Senior Consultant
“Rachel always lets Sonomans and customers know what she’s working on for them and when they can expect the next step. I’m currently working with her on a customer project, and she has been a pleasure to work with. She has done an excellent job of leading the customer through the process quickly and precisely, and she always communicates the process and timeline in a clear manner. The documentation she has created for the engagement has been very professional.”

Why is being a good communicator important at Sonoma?
Rachel: I think being a good communicator is important at Sonoma and every day because it creates an environment where everyone is on the same page. When people are aligned in what needs to get done and when, it helps the team work towards one goal together instead of as individuals.

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