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Customer Success Story: Wacom Consolidates Global Business with CRM

In order to better equip their customers with the creativity-enabling tools they manufacture, Wacom needed to get a better tool of their own – one with a 360-view of their global customers.

Who is Wacom?

Wacom develops, manufactures, and sells tablet pens and displays to support creative projects such as movies, games, photo imaging, and consumer product design. Their devices are integrated into smartphones and tablets, and, while headquartered in Japan, Wacom has offices around the world.


Going Global

Wacom has always believed in the power of CRM. They felt the need to reinvest in the tool when they realized their current iteration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM wasn’t helping them reach their business goals. Specifically, they believed CRM was preventing them from operating as a single global organization.

First, a bit of history. Up until two years ago, Wacom was a publically traded company with separate regions that operated autonomously. Each viewed themselves as their own entity, using their own methodologies and business practices. Operations differed by region and objectives, and products were inconsistently sold.

It was apparent that this disjointed model was not working in their favor. Wacom decided to replace the loosely connected companies (roughly segmented into their respective regions: U.S., Japan, and Europe) with a single CEO, one CRM system, and a complete commitment to operating as one organization.

Along with the effort to truly invest in going global, Wacom had ambitions growth plants to move into the greater B2C market. Wacom has always created niche products for creative professionals. For a long period of time, they were the gold standard and owned the space. Over the past two years, Wacom has made a big move to become an active player in the B2C space. They recognize the need to move faster and be more innovative in order to compete with like Amazon and Cintiq.

Their current instance of Dynamics CRM was failing them in a few different ways. For one, the platform was rarely taken advantage of to share information across the organization. With regions operating independently – and sometimes “in the dark” – opportunities were lost and product information would be missing. Furthermore, this made introducing a global branding, marketing, or sales initiative nearly impossible with no way to coordinate between regions.

Another big issue for Wacom: duplicate information. Master records were hard to identify. The band aide solution Wacom’s divisions had clung to for so long was to just create more content, rather than first looking for what information was already there.

Lastly, they found inefficiencies in their selling channels. Wacom sells through retailers and distributors, using SAP to manage orders. Because each region has their own laws and compliance regulations, business processes weren’t being adhered to on a global scale.

Wacom decided to move from Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise to Online based on their existing commitment to Microsoft solutions. Wacom found a strategic partner in Sonoma Partners that could help them outline the strengths and weaknesses of their organization and how CRM can help.

Reinvested and Relaunched

Since the relaunch of their CRM platform, Wacom has felt a significant shift towards the globalized organization they set out to become. CRM helps them better know their customers, by identifying what they’re selling, what they’re buying, when they’re making purchases, and better predict future purchases as a result in relation to their manufacturing schedule. The CRM and SAP integration also helps Wacom manufacture more accurately against their forecast.

CRM provides a channel for Wacom to better manage product feedback, properly address customer issues, and enhance future product development. Their service team finally has the tools they need to see the complete history of their existing customers and provide them with the customer care they expect.

Interested in reinvesting in your organization’s CRM system? We’re happy to help.

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