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Are You Lightning Ready?

Today's blog post was written by Nathen Drees, Senior Developer at Sonoma Partners.

Lightning ready

A year ago, Salesforce announced a new UI in Salesforce - Lightning Experience - aimed at rebuilding the desktop interfaces to provide streamlined access to the information sales reps most common uses. Since that time, Salesforce has continued to put significant effort into Lightning Experience, regularly adding updates and bug fixes to bring the UI in to feature parody with Classic. With the latest release (Winter ’17), the bulk of the features are now available in Lightning, and we expect the rest to be added very shortly.

Due to this influx of development and marketing efforts, we at Sonoma are seeing a majority of our new clients, and even some of our existing clients, embracing Lightning Experience as the standard UI they run their business on, and we expect that trend to both continue and intensify as time goes on. Extrapolating this trend into the future, it would seem we’re nearing a tipping point where more businesses will be using Lightning Experience as their default UI rather than Classic, which leads us to one question for our App Innovator partners: are you Lightning ready?

Riding the Lightning

Lightning ready 2Shortly after Lightning Experience was announced, Salesforce put in place a program for App Innovators to certify that their apps would work in Lightning Experience, and assisted them with marketing by adding a Lightning Ready sash to their AppExchange listing. While the requirements for being Lightning Ready has and continues to evolve, the core concept remains the same: make sure your app is seamless with Lightning Experience. Complicating matters is the fact that Lightning Experience continues to evolve as Salesforce updates it to support more features, meaning that you need to stay up to date with each release and ensure your app continues to work going forward.

You Can Do It, We Can Help

While this task may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t need to be, and we can help. We at Sonoma Partners have an in-house development and technical staff that can review your app for Lightning Compatibility at the code level, business analysts who know Lightning Experience from a configuration and reporting perspective, and QA staff who can ensure your app integrates seamlessly from an end users point of view. Should we find anything, the same staff can assist in gap analysis, any development or configuration needed to close the gaps, and end-to-end testing to ensure you pass your review with Salesforce the first time, with as little fuss as possible. We have experience working with App Innovators and know the business and the Salesforce security review process.

Need help determining if your app is Lightning ready? Just want a second set of eyes on it before you go in to the review with Salesforce? Want to talk about something totally unrelated? Contact us, and we can help.

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