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How to Be Awesome at Sonoma Part 2: Deliver Quality Work


This post is the second in our "How to Be Awesome" series, highlighting exemplary Sonomans who live out the different elements of our "How to Be Awesome" list.

The second item on the “How to Be Awesome” list: deliver quality work. We define this as paying attention to the details, avoiding small errors, and making sure you are a true team player in your projects. Clients consider your work output nothing short of world-class.

Here is how some Sonomans deliver quality work:

Kevin1Kevin Yamashita – Sales Engineer
“His attention to detail on demos is amazing! He truly cares about getting everything done right, even if it means more work.”

How do you deliver quality work at Sonoma Partners?
Don’t be afraid to take some time to really think before acting on something. Is this the right thing to do? Is there a smarter or faster approach? How can I do this better next time? Then once you start a task, be tenacious and dedicated. Smell for smoke early and often. Feel obligated to escalate or to ask for help as necessary. If something seems off, be willing to rock the boat and to ask “why?”

Brad Bosak – VP of Development Brad
“I can always count on Brad to deliver even with limited information and usually in situations where we have limited experience. He did so again with one of our applications, figuring out the appropriate solutions and taking the designs from our UX team and making them work for our needs.”

What tip would you give for delivering quality work?
Take pride in your work. If you take the time to fully understand the requirements and really care about what you’re doing, it will be reflected in your output.

AnneAnne Hoesly – Senior Consultant
“Anne goes above and beyond to make sure her client projects are as successful as possible. She identified very early on that one of the UAT processes that a client team was using was not thorough enough and organized a plan for us to do our own scenario testing. As expected, this process identified a number of things that were never considered by the client and provided us the time to resolve those issues before go-live.”

What does “Deliver Quality Work” mean to you?
Anne: For me, delivering a quality product means attention to detail and always keeping the business process as the first priority. A tool is only as powerful as how well it enables the person using it. Ensuring that I always focus on a client’s end users and their needs allows me to create products that make the most impact.

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