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Privilege Error, Administrative Mode, & Form Layout Reminders

Strange title…you probably wonder how this ties together. Well, let's start with a little [true] story.

Yesterday, one of my colleagues was unable to access any of her records in CRM, but was working fine the day before. It was an odd conundrum as nothing *should* have changed.

  • The first step was look to ensure she had valid security roles. Yup…roles still there. [hint: this should have been enough for us to deduce the problem, but we tried a few more things before we figured it out.]
  • We removed all of her roles and the re-added them, hoping maybe it would reset her account. No luck!
  • She tried to access CRM on another machine, same results.
  • We then removed her roles and sure enough, she got the expected can't access CRM at all.

That result finally tipped us to the problem…

She could get into CRM but not access any records meant it was a license problem. Sure enough, looking closer at her user record, her Access Mode was Administrative and she was set to restrictive access. We merely flipped back those fields to their appropriate values, and she was back in business.

Now, in hindsight, we should have checked the license first (or at least second), but it didn't jump out at us as nothing should have changed with it. So, if your user can get into CRM but not see any entity records, look at her license type immediately.

But, I was curious as to why/how it was changed. This lead me to check the audit logs and I discovered that the day before, another colleague changed her license type. After a quick chat, it turns out she was merely updating her employee referrer value, and must have accidentally changed those fields. Weird, but as shown in the screenshot below, it was pretty easy to see how that could have happened.


We have definitely seen that users can inadvertently change values as they tab or click through the form, and this exactly what happened here.

I have no idea how the Employee Referrer field ended up in the CAL section. Was probably an oversight during our upgrade. Note: we have already relocated that field. Smile

The other item to address is why users are able to update Access Mode, Restricted Access Mode, and License Type. That should really more of a System Administrator task. Unfortunately those fields are not eligible for Field Level Security. So, we used our Dynamic Forms tool to secure those fields from all users except system administrators. Download our free community version of Dynamic Forms if you would like to do this yourself. If you don't use code/tool to protect these fields, consider moving those fields to a section away from the main parts of the form.

This situation provides a great reminder to consider your form layout and ensure fields are in the best possible location for discoverability and access, but also in cases like this we should have done a better job of preventing accidental changes to critical fields.

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Summer 2016: In the Words of Our Interns


As summer (sadly) comes to an end, we caught up with our Sonoma interns (Amanda, Josiah, and Paul) to discuss their thoughts on the summer, their experience at Sonoma, and how they’ve enjoyed #sonomanlife. Here’s what they had to say:

What has been your favorite part of #sonomanlife?

Amanda: For me, it is the work culture. Everyone here is so friendly and laid back, and the environment is easy going and relaxed.


Josiah: My favorite part has been the support I’ve found. I truly feel that my coworkers have my back. Everyone is willing to offer support, and I have no reservations in asking questions because I know they will be willing to help out. I also love the casual atmosphere – I can wear what I’m most comfortable in and that just further allows me to do my best work.


What did you expect coming into your internship at Sonoma, and how did that compare to what it was really like to work here?

Paul: Coming into this role, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard a lot about the culture, but I didn’t really know what that meant. But immediately, I felt a relaxed atmosphere. I feel trusted and respected by those I work with, and there is a freedom to operate autonomously because of that. Plus, all the food in the kitchen was a very pleasant surprise!


Josiah: This has been my first internship working full-time, so I wasn’t sure what to expect either. What surprises me the most in this experience is that I truly enjoy coming into work. There is never a day when I dread coming in. I find myself incredibly passionate about the work, too. I am able to make a real impact for our clients and the project managers I work with. It has been highly rewarding.

Amanda: This is my first internship as well, and I actually turned down another opportunity at a bigger company to come work here for the summer. At the other opportunity, I felt as if they were trying to make work such a comfortable environment that you wouldn’t want to/be able to leave. Instead, Sonoma offers plenty of luxuries around the office, but they respect a work/life balance. Plus, no one here is breathing down your neck to get your work done. They trust that you’ll do your best, and that you’ll speak up when you have questions. If we set fire to something, they trust that we’ll tell them before the building burns down.

Complete this sentence: You would be a good Sonoma intern if you ___________ .

Amanda: Take yourself seriously. If you’re not driven or self-motivated, it’s going to be hard for you to stay focused. Don’t be afraid to be wrong either. There’s no way you can be right all the time.

Josiah: Take initiative. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to be assigned to you directly. There’s always stuff you can be working on. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for more.

Paul: Are a fast and good learner. I came into this internship not knowing many of the development languages we would be using, but I found with Sonoma’s direction, it was really easy to pick up on everything. Stay adaptable and open-minded, and you’ll be just fine.

What did you find to be the most challenging part about being an intern at Sonoma?

Amanda: Getting acclimated to a working environment where you can ask questions. No one looks down on you here for speaking up, but embracing that was a bit challenging at first. There’s a tendency to want to just push through a problem on your own, but know that there are plenty of people willing to lend a hand.

Josiah: For me, it was learning to manage expectations. It’s very easy to want to answer “yes” whenever someone asks, “Is that thing I asked for done?” I learned quickly that it’s far better to own up to a problem and be honest if something is taking longer than expected than mislead people. This is a skill I’ve learned well here and will absolutely take with me.

What is your favorite memory of your internship?

Amanda: Laser tag at the Sonoma Summer Outing! It was so fun to see people come out of their shells and play.

Josiah: The Intern Outing at the Escape Room. We had to problem solve in a set amount of time as a team before the zombie ate us – we had such a great time. And 2 minutes away from record-setting time!

Paul: Whirlyball at the Sonoma Summer Outing was my favorite. It was really fun to be on a team with people who I hadn’t gotten a chance to work with yet.

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