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Microsoft PSA - The More You Know

Today's blog post was written by Principal Consultants Nick Costanzo and Jeff Meister.

For today's blog post, we return to our "The More You Know" series after having spent some time under the hood of Microsoft's new Project Service Automation (PSA) solution. In a previous post, we covered a lot of the high-level features available in the system. Now that the solution is publicly available, we want to take some time to explore some of the feature functionality a little more in-depth.

As stated in our previous post, Microsoft's PSA Solution is an end-to-end solution which covers the entire customer life-cycle for delivering professional engagement; today we will start at the beginning and focus on Opportunity Management within PSA.

Sales Process Overview

We'll start with a quick review of a sample Sales Process within a professional service organization and the associated tasks that come with each phase.

Psa more you know image 1

Now that the sales process has been defined, let's look at what Microsoft's PSA solution has to offer for implementing a Sales Process.

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PSA takes the native Opportunity and extends it to support the ability to sell both Project and Product components. On the new Opportunity: Project Information form you can:

  • Itemize based on your organizations offerings (this includes not only a Services estimate, but also Expenses and Products).
  • Track probability to close and estimated close date as you would with native CRM.
  • Define Sales and Stakeholder team as you would with native CRM.

Psa more you know image 2


At this stage, the solution allows for high-level estimation based on a proposed delivery plan. Using the new Quote: Project Information form, you can view:

  • Profitability and Pricing measurements based on resource roles assigned as part of the delivery plan.

Psa more you know image 3

  • Billing methods and invoice schedules are also defined, including support for Fixed Price or Time and Material billing.

Psa more you know image 4

  • Comparison to customer budget is also displayed by Quote line, to ensure your project is rightly sized for your client.

Psa more you know image 5

Project Delivery Estimate

At this point of the Sales Process, a detailed project plan can be created and applied to the quote. With this plan, we are able to provide:

  • Resource mixing based on defined groups with the company.
  • Costing and Profitability calculations.
  • Validation across customer expectations.

Psa more you know image 6

Confirm Quote

Now that estimate has been completed by Delivery, we are able to:

  • Confirm the quote with a bottom-up estimate based on the detailed project plan.
  • Invoice scheduling based on billing method (Fixed Price or Time and Materials) for each quote line.

Psa more you know image 7

  • Generate a SOW based on the details validated throughout the Sales Process.

Psa more you know image 8

Now that the deal has been won, we are at a good stopping point. We have also transitioned very nicely into our next post which will be a more detailed look into the Project Estimation process…stay tuned!

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