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Day in the Life: Meet Michael



Why do I like working at Sonoma?

For one thing, everyone is incredibly smart and self-motivated at work...and cool to hang out with after.

My internship prepared me for this experience.

Mike2As an intern at Sonoma, I got a lot of exposure to what the industry is like and what skills are the most in-demand. The opportunity to work with big name technologies while I was still in school gave me a lot of perspective about the direction I wanted to take my career. It allowed me to tailor my senior year class selection to better match up with the type of work I wanted to do after I graduated.

I learned a lot more during that summer than any semester in school and really felt like I was advancing my career.  Sonoma even allowed me to take Salesforce certification exams – I got two!  This made me highly desirable to employers at the following career fair, but I knew I wanted to come back to the atmosphere at Sonoma.

It’s convenient to get to.

In the morning I enjoy breakfast with my roommates and then I’m out the door to catch the Brown Line to work. Southport…Belmont……Chicago…Washington/Wells! That’s me. Off the train and up to the office I go.

We have snacks-a-plenty. Mike1

I grab a granola bar and a cup of coffee from Sonoma Partners’ phenomenally stocked kitchen then head to my desk. From there, I’m pretty much heads-down. I find that I work best in the morning when I dig right in to my software development work. I primarily work in C# and Apex (for coding languages with an occasional JavaScript project.

I get great exposure to other kinds of businesses.

I like the combination of consulting and software development work I’m able to do at Sonoma Partners. Working as a Developer at Sonoma is unique because you’re not just limited to working with code. You have the opportunity to interact with clients and truly see what impact you are making on the businesses you’re working with.

Lunchtime is with friends.

For lunch, I’m about 50/50 split between bringing sandwiches from home and going to Blackwood BBQ or Blaze Pizza around the corner from our office. There are so many good options around here, but those are my two favorites. I try my best to eat at the lunch table, but sometimes I get too sucked in to a project to step away. When I do sit at the lunch table, the company is always top notch.

Thursday’s we have Lunch & Learns.

On Thursdays, I eat my lunch with my fellow Developers at our weekly Lunch & Learns. The topics vary, but they’re always interesting. Whether it’s about a pet project or a clever way to solve a client problem, I always enjoy hearing from other Sonomans on what they’re passionate about.

Afternoon meetings are always helpful to touch base with my team. Mike3

Typically, I have one or two status calls with my project team in the afternoon, in between my time spent coding. These calls help to get everyone on the same page, address any potential problems in the code, and field any questions trickled down from the client to our team.

Mike4It is the perfect work/life balance.

Sonoma Partners has a fantastic, flexible work schedule for people to operate when they want, where they want. Working later early in the week allows me to meet my deadlines and work at a more relaxed pace on Friday afternoons.

When I leave I typically head for the gym to get a workout in. Then, I watch sports and enjoy a few beers with my roommates. I try to stay logged in – at least on my phone – to answer any team questions. Typically, they’re quick and easy to respond to on my phone. I rarely have to field client questions after business hours.

Then, it’s bedtime!


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