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Day in the Life: Meet Anthony



Morning Time
No client meetings today, so I pick something casual and comfortable to wear while I’m running around coordinating projects all day. I kiss my wife goodbye, drop my son off at daycare, and catch the Green Line train to the office. I know there will be plenty of emails to respond to when I get there, but I use my morning commute time to relax a bit and read, WSJ…etc. It’s my time to clear my mind before a busy day of work.

Next, I’m off the train and making my routine stop at the French Market en route to the office. This is where I grab some pineapple for a 10:00 am snack (a habit from who knows where) before heading to the office. I always accompany this with an iced tea brewed at the office from our super-stocked office fridge.



1:1 Meeting with Coach
Once a week, I have my 1:1 check-in with my coach, Scott. Sonoma is very much anti-corporate hierarchy and does not use the “manager” title. Sometimes my check-in is bouncing ideas back and forth, discussing the client meetings up-and-coming, or just talking personal stuff. It is a great relationship, and I always look forward to our meetings.

For lunch, there are an insane amount of options around here. Today, it’s a salad from one of the healthier options on the block.

Whenever I’m able, I try to sit in the kitchen with my fellow, awesome Sonomans for lunch. At a growing company, there are constantly new people to meet. Lunchtime is a great way to introduce myself and get to know the people I work with better. As a seller, a large part of what you want to do is build the trust of your own team. Sitting at the same table as my colleagues allows me to do that in a casual, effortless environment.

I’m back online, taking the time to check-in with any of the partners I haven’t reached out to this week, respond to a few client questions, and answer internal questions to help move a few of my projects closer to a close. Sometimes, I’m preparing a deck to present to a client, gathering input from Delivery, or writing out a document with the help of my internal team to answer anticipated questions from clients before a pitch.

Deal1“No two deals are the same. Each of our solutions is customized for the client. And that’s what makes it fun to sell – it’s different work every time to close a deal.”

5 O’clock
I am typically able to get out of the office right around 5 pm. Whether it’s my turn or my wife’s, one of us picks up our son from daycare and then returns home. We try to spend time with our son as much as possible between the moment we get home to when he goes to bed. Once he’s fed and in bed, it’s our turn to eat, maybe get a workout in, then TV is on and laptops are out to respond to anything pressing before bed. Then, it’s over and out!


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