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Changing Themes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Today's post was written by Neil Erickson, Development Principal at Sonoma Partners.

Themes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are a great way to brand your Company’s application, allowing you to choose a logo and color scheme that differs from what CRM provides when first installed. 

Themes were released in CRM Online 2015 Update 1 and in CRM 2016 for On-Premise environments.

Themes iconAfter rolling this out at Sonoma Partners, we had one user report that upon logging into our CRM system, they continued to see the out-of-the-box experience and not our logo and colors.  

A quick search found us the resolution. It required that we go into the affected User’s Personal Options and verify that high contrast settings were not enabled. It turns out that although it looked similar to the out-of-the-box theme, there were subtle differences.  For example, the background color of some clickable items was now black instead of dark blue and hovering over items behaved differently.


While this did solve the issue, we were now curious if the theme that was being used for High Contrast settings could be customized as well.  We decided to compare the requests from this user’s browser to another request that loaded properly using Fiddler, one of our favorite Tools by Telerik.  Here we could see that two different Theme ID’s were actually being requested from the server.

The organization’s database also showed that the problematic theme was the one that came with CRM, when the organization was first provisioned.  Unfortunately, none of the columns pointed to being related to high contrast settings.  Even swapping the Theme IDs yielded no change in the high contrast appearance. 

For this reason, we do not believe that the High Contrast theme can be changed.

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