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Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 Integrated Cloud Platform

Today's post was written by Kayla Silverstein, Marketing Specialist at Sonoma Partners.

A rivalry well-known in the CRM space: Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesforce

Microsoft took a significant step to improve its CRM solution and upstage its cloud-based competitor with the announcement of a new application: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Available this fall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP cloud solutions into a single cloud service. New purpose-built applications within the tool help manage specific business functions, including Financials, Field Service, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation, and Customer Service.

Microsoft addressed the launch of their new solution with the following:

“Business processes are at the core of every business. Across all industries our customers are looking to adapt their customer engagement and business operations processes to the digital era, to secure and expand their businesses. This ‘digital transformation’ requires a degree of business process agility – and a unification across the business – not supported by the traditional ‘siloed’ ERP and CRM approach of the past.”

The unveiling of Dynamics 365 provokes interest within the CRM world for a variety of reasons:

  • It demonstrates the increasing demand for CRM within a cloud environment.
  • It represents the need for an integrated business solution and the desire to simplify the massive amount of tools businesses are expected to utilize.
  • It shows that Microsoft understands the need to be nimble in the CRM world to compete with other market leaders.

Microsoft also recently announced their intention to acquire LinkedIn. The ability to combine CRM, ERP, Office 365, and LinkedIn is a useful one, and it could stand to give Microsoft a bit of an edge over industry rivals Salesforce and Oracle.

One thing is for sure: the real winner is the consumer. As these companies compete fiercely for market share, the consumer will benefit from ongoing innovation and acquisitions.

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