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How to Be Awesome at Sonoma Part 1: Act Like a Pro

Awesome2This post is the first in our “How to Be Awesome” series, highlighting exemplary Sonomans who live out the different elements of our “How to Be Awesome” list.

Here at Sonoma, we seek out and encourage awesomeness. But what exactly does it mean for someone to “be awesome”? In this blog series, we’ll cover the list of attributes that we believe make up an awesome Sonoman.

First, act like a pro. This can mean a lot of things, but to us, we’ve identified the following: Be there and on time. Behave appropriately and observe proper etiquette in front of clients and key partners, acting with integrity and honesty.

It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another thing to put it into action. Here is how some Sonomans have exhibited pro-ness:


Anthony Mancuso – Sales Engineer
“Anthony Mancuso handles complex, multi-hour, stressful projects with calm and efficiency. He’s a complete pro.”

“Fantastic energy and positive in each interaction.”

Why do you think “Act Like a Pro” belongs on our How to Be Awesome list?
: One of my favorite quotes is, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” I know coming in to work every day, I’m around people who are integrity-driven professionals whether they’re in front of clients, partners, vendors, friends, or family.

Keith Mescha – Principal Architect Keith
“Keith is exceptional at understanding client needs and taking care of issues before anyone has even had a chance to notice them.”

“This guy is a champ; he is organized, knowledgeable, and effective. These qualities allow him to lead both our internal team and our client team. He supports and challenges his team and takes responsibility for his own actions.”

How do you act like a pro?
: It really comes down to having a passion for what you do and building off experiences. If you fully immerse yourself into a problem or situation and expect to be successful, you have a better chance of it happening. Humility is key. We don’t know everything nor can we be expected to. Find the right people and relationships to surround yourself with for the right help. Don’t be afraid to share and talk through your technical problems, and pay attention to what is happening around you in your field. Try things! This may lead to breaking things, but you will learn from those experiences too.

It’s important to act like a pro because we are. We get paid to do what we do, so taking responsibility, being organized, and delivery is essential to both personal and company growth.

Ariel  Ariel Upton – Marketing Manager
“Ariel does a fantastic job at organizing our conferences. I recognize it has to be very stressful/frustrating at many points throughout the process, but she pulls it off with positivity and enthusiasm and always gets results.”

“Ariel absolutely kills it! She is juggling many different responsibilities, and I don’t know how she does it…but she is amazing and inspiring.”

What does “Act Like a Pro” mean to you?
: Acting like a pro is getting the job done through equal parts preparation and flexibility. I know my role. I know what is expected of me and required of me, and because of this understanding, I can adequately prepare to accomplish what I need to do. That being said, life happens and things can quickly change course. When a situation arises that requires me to be flexible, I know that I can pivot my attention and adapt to the situation at hand without losing my cool or my focus. 

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