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Could Siri Power Your CRM App?

Today's post was written by Kyle Gerstner, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

The WWDC script has been the same for the past few years; go through Mac, iOS, Watch, Apple TV, and show off some cool new features that have been developed. 

Usually, these features are consumer focused and don't have a huge impact on enterprise mobility. That being said, something was announced this year that could greatly improve the user experience of enterprise applications.

We don't have a lot of information yet, but Apple has opened up the Siri API to developers.  This will be accomplished through a new API called Intents. This allows a developer to enable their application to respond to a request the user has asked Siri to complete. The demo during the WWDC keynote focused on consumer use cases, including examples such as hailing an Uber or sending a text message through a 3rd party application. We're excited to get more details as they come out and see if there are opportunities to trigger actions in our applications.

Let’s look at how this could impact one of our applications: Activity Tracker.

Our Activity Tracker application is built for iOS and allows you to search across CRM contacts and accounts, view basic information, record activities, and create new contacts.  While we have made every effort to make the user experience very streamlined, it would be much better to be able to ask Siri to look up John Smith's phone number, or even start a phone call to him.  Could we ask Siri to add a note to the Sonoma Partners account and dictate the text of the note?

We don't know what will be possible with this new API, but we are very excited about the prospect of it.  It also shows that Apple is becoming more willing to open up their APIs to 3rd party developers.  Apple announced developer access to a few other APIs that aren't relevant to the enterprise market, but shows their willingness to allow 3rd party applications to feel like they are built into the OS.  We hope there is more good news on the horizon.

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