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Better Integrate Your Email With Salesforce with SalesforceIQ Inbox

Today's post was written by Caitlin Pfeiffer, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

SalesforceIQ is a product that Salesforce launched last year and includes the following two offerings:

  • SalesforceIQ CRM: a lightweight CRM offering intended for small businesses
  • SalesforceIQ Inbox: a suite of mobile and desktop productivity apps that helps users to better integrate their email inboxes with the Salesforce Sales Cloud

As we typically partner with clients looking to implement Salesforce, this blog post will focus on the SalesforceIQ Inbox functionality which is a great complementary product for existing Salesforce Sales Cloud users. 

The most common use case for SalesforceIQ Inbox that I see with my clients is providing email integration with Salesforce from your mobile device. 

Without SalesforceIQ Inbox, when you send emails through Salesforce1, they are sent through your mobile device's mail program and will not be logged within Salesforce. Often for mobile sales teams, a lot of their day can be spent on their mobile devices reading and sending emails with customers and prospects. Having these email interactions logged within Salesforce is critical to maintaining a 360-degree view of that customer within your CRM platform.

Although it offers much more, I often describe SalesforceIQ as the "Salesforce for Outlook" for your mobile device. Similar to Salesforce for Outlook, SalesforceIQ Inbox will allow user to:

  • Easily log incoming and outgoing emails in Salesforce
  • View suggested Salesforce records related to the email based on the email addresses in the message
  • Search for any additional record (custom or native) in the Salesforce to relate your emails to
  • Create new Salesforces Contacts/Leads/Opportunities/Cases/Tasks from your email inbox

Beyond the capabilities that Salesforce for Outlook offers, SalesforceIQ Inbox also provides a lot of other cool features that provide significant value to your sales team. I'll focus on the features that I most commonly hear from my clients:

  • Salesforce Email Templates: From your email inbox (mobile and desktop), users are able to use Salesforce Email templates. Users are able to select the Salesforce records that the email is related to in order to ensure that email merge fields are populated correctly.  This functionality is not available with Salesforce for Outlook or Salesforce1 but is a very common use case for many of my clients.

  • Smart Scheduling: When trying to set up a meeting, users can share their availability with their customers and allow them to select a time based on their availability. The customer will select a time by click on a link in an email which will automatically add a meeting invite on your calendar and send them a meeting invite email as well. NOTE: This functionality does not integrate with Salesforce events.

  • Read Receipts: Users can receive read receipts on emails that are sent from SalesforceIQ. This will allow user visibility into whether customers are looking at their emails and drive their follow up actions.

  • Integration with Salesforce1: Although users can see high level information about their Salesforce records in SalesforceIQ Inbox, users can easily launch Salesforce1 to view or manage their full Salesforce record. What I love even more is from Salesforce1, when users select the standard "Send Email" quick action, it will allow them to launch SalesforceIQ Inbox to send the email instead of using their mobile device's mail program.

  • Cloud File Storage: Users can easily access and send email attachments from their email inbox, Google Drive, Salesforce Chatter Files, Box, Dropbox, and iCloud.

  • Desktop Apps: All of this functionality is also available through Desktop apps for Office 365(Outlook Add-In) or Gmail (Chrome Extension).

If your company is interested in using SalesforceIQ Inbox, there are a few other things you should consider:

  • SalesforceIQ Inbox does require an additional license (pricing available on com)
  • The SalesforceIQ mobile app (available for iOS and Android) is a separate mobile application. However, this mobile app integrates seamlessly with Salesforce1. 
  • SalesforceIQ integrates with your Microsoft Exchange (2010, 2013, 2016), Office 365, or Gmail inboxes. Other email providers are not supported.

If you have any questions about SalesforceIQ Inbox, please contact us.

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