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The Best Method to Demo Mobile Applications

Today's post is written by Brian Kasic, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more prevalent within CRM projects.

Seeing how they function is critical to the success of any mobile deployment. However, in my experience, screen prints seem to be the standard way of showing functionality or training end users on how a mobile CRM application works. Typically users learn how to use mobile apps by interacting with them. They should be intuitive and straight forward. Demoing an app or training end users on how to use an app should be just as intuitive. However, getting started can sometimes be challenging, especially when there is a process involved or if end users are seeing the app for the first time.  

At Sonoma Partners, we utilize a product called Reflector 2 to mirror your phone via Bluetooth on your computer. The set-up and steps to reflect your app to your computer are simple. The Reflector license pricing is reasonable and worth the corporate license fee. By mirroring the app on your computer, you can quickly create re-usable videos to assist end users when they are first starting to work with their new mobile CRM applications.

Here are the steps for getting started on an iPhone:

  1. Download a trial of Reflector 2 to your computer. If you end up liking it the pricing and licensing can also be found on the website.
  2. Launch Reflector 2 on your computer.

  3. Next make sure your computer Wi-Fi and your phone Wi-Fi are on the same network. This is important and can be where you run into trouble. Also be aware that if you get bounced off of Wi-Fi, you need to start over again. I’ve seen Reflector need to be completely closed and restarted to begin a new session when bounced off of Wi-Fi.

  4. From your phone find your Bluetooth button. This is can be done by swiping up from the bottom of an iPhone. Then Click “AirPlay”.

  5. Within Airplay find your laptop and swipe the mirroring button.

  6. This will Mirror your content from your phone screen to your computer screen without wires.

  7. You can move the phone on your computer with your mouse by hovering over it and dragging it to another part of your screen.

From here, customers and end users can see the actions on your phone directly on your computer. I’ve given demos showing data being entered into the phone then immediately refreshed my CRM online environment showing the data being updated. You can also demonstrate voice activation on the phone and the time savings it can provide to enter notes or activities. Both of these demo tricks of showing the mobile app in action have fostered very positive feedback from the audience.

Android installation instructions can be found here.

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