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Support Work is Never Done

Today's post is written by Kristie Reid, VP of Consulting at Sonoma Partners.

In order for your CRM deployment to be successful, it is often what you do after go-live that is the determinant factor.

CRM systems are different than other application deployments in that they must continue to evolve after launch. If not, the system quickly becomes stale and user adoption will continue to decrease.

We often get asked to provide guidance on what types of resources will be needed once a CRM application is up and running. Our answer: it depends! Yes, we’ve seen done this hundreds of times and yes, we have some best practice guidelines. But, we prefer to work with your unique organization to determine exactly what it will take to keep your CRM application widely used, and successful, after you go live.

You aren’t reading this blog to hear that you need to hire a consulting firm to identify your post-deployment resources. So here are some general guidelines we use (please note a lot of these roles are not full-time positions but rather shared across multiple applications):


Most of the roles are self-explanatory for IT organizations, but one resource that often gets overlooked is the Product Manager.

Similar to Product Managers for any off-the-shelf applications, your CRM Product Manager has the final say for what features get released when based on business criticality. However, the hidden talent that this individual also has to possess is the ability to continually sell your CRM system to the organization.

That selling occurs from the user level where new people are being introduced and trained on the system, all the way to the executive level each time a new VP of Sales comes onboard and wants to understand where their sales people are spending their time. Don’t overlook this person – they will be the champion of your CRM application to make sure it’s usefulness is embraced for years to come!

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