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Nucleus Research's CRM Technology Value Matrix - Who's Moving Up? Who's Moving Down?

Nucleus Research provides ROI (Return on Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) research on business software applications such as CRM and ERP systems. Twice per year, Nucleus releases a "CRM Technology Value Matrix" that aims to rank the leading CRM applications on two different dimensions: functionality and usability

A few weeks ago, Nucleus released their H1 2016 CRM Technology Value Matrix. Nucleus subscribers can access the report here, the rest of us can thank Oracle for posting a copy of the Nucleus report online. :)


If you spent any time evaluating different CRM platforms for your won't find many surprises in here., Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle lead the pack. With that said, we thought it would be interesting to compare the current Nucleus rankings with their CRM technology rankings from two years ago.


Comparing the current 2016 rankings to the 2014 rankings (and focusing on the Leader quadrant), the following jumps out at us:

  • and Oracle retained their top right (leader) positions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM made a BIG jump up from 2014 in functionality, and they increased their rank in usability as well. Something big happened at Microsoft in 2014, coincidence or not that Dynamics CRM drastically improved their product since then???
  • Prior leader quadrant Cegedim dropped out of the leader quadrant (now listed as IMS Health in 2016 version after the 2015 acquisition)
  • Infor CRM and BPM Online also made strides to get into the leader quadrant

So what's our takeaway here? When we help our customers evaluate different CRM platforms, we encourage them to evaluate features that exist TODAY, but they should also strongly consider the momentum of the platform to try and project where the functionality might be in a few years. Most customers stick with a CRM platform for at least 3-4 years, so platform momentum means a lot. Obviously, Salesforce has been strong for years, but we love to see the progress from Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the past two years! 

If you're evaluating CRM platforms for your business, please contact us...we can help you perform an objective CRM platform evaluation! Also remember to check out our free eBook "The 10 Most Important CRM Evaluation Criteria".

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