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Salesforce Territory Assignments vs. Custom Object/Code

 Today's post is written by Emily Matthews, Principal Consultant at Sonoma Partners.

A scenario we’ve run into recently with several clients is whether or not to use native Salesforce Territory Rules vs. Custom Object/Code, when assigning a team to an Account.

For example, our client has Account Teams made up of a Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Account Specialists. The client uses Zip Codes to assign Accounts to Account Team, however, each role has different assignments and territory.

Territory Rules can be created and used, however, because Sales Reps, Account Managers, and Account Specialists each follow different assignment rules, separate Territory Models would need to be created for every Zip Code assignment. Initial setup and ongoing maintenance would be a time consuming effort and is not a scalable solution as the company grows.

To allow for a more flexible assignment model, Sonoma created a custom object called “Account Team Assignment”, which stores the Zip Codes, Roles, and Users assignments. Based on the Account > Billing Address Zip Code, custom code was utilized to find a Zip Code match in the Account Team Assignment object and assign user(s) to Account Team related list.

Additional custom code was created if there are changes made to the Account Team Assignment object, that need to be reflected in the Account Team. Finally, a custom metadata type was used to default the correct access for each Role in the Account Team. Although this solution does require a bit of custom code to match and assign, this solution is flexible and scalable for the future and easy for defined users to maintain.

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