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Editable Grid for 2015 is Now Available

Editable Grid for 2015 is now available!

Some background information for you: years ago, Sonoma Partners developed Editable Grid, a popular tool that allowed users to edit records inline within a View. Based on user feedback, we have rebuilt the tool for CRM 2015, with improvements that increase both functionality and usability. Updates include:

  • Users can edit any field type, allowing update of multiple records at one time. This saves the user from having to open each record individually.
  • Works with native, custom, and personal Views.
  • Works with native and custom entities. Previously, Editable grid was limited to the core entities: Contact, Account, Lead, and Opportunity.

Editable Grid

Download Editable Grid for 2015 now. If you have any questions about the Editable Grid utility, or anything related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, please contact us.

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