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Visualizing Opportunity Data with Dynamics CRM Phone Client

With the move to CRM 2016, on premise customers can now get some of the cool features that CRM Online customers have been enjoying since the spring of 2015. One of these newer features is the updated phone client. Much has already been written about this awesome new client, so I am going to focus on a little nugget I found while testing the client…opportunity calendar visualization!

When looking at your opportunity list, tap the ellipsis ( … ) at the bottom to show the navigation bar. At the bottom, you’ll see Change Visualization action.

opp_phone_menu        opp_phone_menu_change

At first, I thought this had something to do with the native charts, but to my surprise, it was something much cooler. You’ll see that you can show the List/Grid by default, but also have a new Calendar option. After selecting the calendar option, you will now see the opportunities grouped by estimated close date and even have the ability to view by day/week/month.

opp_phone_week       opp_phone_month

And while a bit subtle, notice the dates on the month view change to a blue when opportunities are estimated to be closed on that day (see Jan 18, 2016 in the above example). This helps users know that data exists before tapping a date.

I love the direction the Microsoft team is taking with their mobile client. These small changes make for huge usability  gains for end users and also allow us to rethink how we look at traditional business data.

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