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Day in the Life: Meet Melanie



6:30 AM: Wake up and start the day!

Because we have a casual office environment at Sonoma Partners, getting dressed in the morning often involves the selection of jeans, a v-neck or a blouse (if I'm feeling fancy!), and either sandals or flats.

7:45 am: I'm out the door.

The Chicago office is in a primo location on the western edge of the Loop. I live in the northern part of the city and take the 'L' downtown. I hop off at Washington & Wells and it's a short walk from there to the office.

 8:45 am: COFFEE!


By the time I get into the office, two hours have passed since I woke up and it's time for coffee. After dropping my bag at my desk, the kitchen is my next stop. In the office kitchen we have a Keurig machine and a great variety of coffee. I usually go for a medium roast, but the developers in line ahead of me usually have a dark roast in hand.

After my coffee has finished brewing I grab a breakfast bar or I pour myself a bowl of granola. The kitchen at Sonoma has over 20 different varieties of granola bars, 6 types of granola/cereal and all of the milk options you could ever want; cow's milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, and coconut milk!

9:00 am: E-mail and catching up.

Before I hop into meetings I scan my email and make sure that nothing requires my immediate attention. With co-workers and clients all over the US, a lot can happen between the time I sign-off and 9:00 am Chicago time.

During this time I probably spend a half hour responding to emails, instant messaging with various project team members, and catching up on the posts in our internal news feed.

9:30 am: "Always go into meetings with a positive attitude. Tell yourself you're going to make this the best deal for all parties." - Natalie Massenet

If my meetings don't start at 9:00 am, I'm usually on the phone by 9:30. Typically, I work on 2-3 projects at a time, each of them in different phases, so the content of these meetings varies greatly. 

When my projects are coming close to a milestone my morning calls are with the client. My project team and I will review the progress we've made and will work with the client to make any adjustments.

I also have weekly stand-up calls with my internal teams at Sonoma. With resources working in different locations, these calls are integral to keeping everyone informed and the project on track.

I report my progress on the latest bunch of features in the functional spec, how many configuration items I was able to close last week, and what tricky techy things are holding me back from completing all of my work. I also answer any business process questions our developers and quality assurance analysts may have.

11:00 am: Quality time with my coach.

Every week I take a break from my project and client meetings to sit down with my coach. Coaches at Sonoma are essentially managers, but at Sonoma, the manager relationship is more personal and has a greater focus on mentoring and collaboration, so we call them coaches.

My coach and I will talk about the projects I'm supporting, the type of work I'm doing, and the feedback he's received from my team. If there are any office announcements my coach will share them with me. Sometimes we'll discuss what can be improved internally, and sometimes we won't talk about work at all! Like I said, the coach relationship is supposed to be more personal. Sometimes we'll chat about Chicago sports, running, vacations, family, etc. 

11:30 am: More email.

Life moves fast at Sonoma. Before lunch I'm checking my email, responding to messages, and troubleshooting any build issues that may have come up.


12:00 pm: Lunch club.

Typically I bring my lunch to the office and eat in the kitchen, on busy days at my desk. In some offices this would be a very lonely experience. But in the Chicago office, even if you didn't bring your lunch, you order take-out and join everyone in the kitchen. We have two long tables that seat 10 each and it's not uncommon for both to be full.

12:30 pm: In the thick of the jungle.

After morning meetings when all of the hustle and bustle dies down, I start tackling the tough stuff. If we're in the early stages of a project I'm sitting down after lunch to write a functional spec. Throughout the process I'll drop instant messages to my teammates, get clarification  requirements, look for technical expertise from a developer, or meet with one of our principal consultants to see if a particular design is technically possible. 

If a project is further along, I'm spending time in CRM configuring the system. We have amazing internal tools at Sonoma to help keep features and items organized. With my dual monitors in front of me, I am constantly checking the list of items I have assigned to me on one screen, and actually building them on the other. 

2:00 pm - One more meeting.

Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I usually have my last formal meeting of the day, whether that be with a client on the West Coast or with one of my Sonoma project teams to review an outstanding issue. After the meeting ends, I take advantage of the brief lull to run to the kitchen and grab a snack. If I am sticking to my diet, I'll opt for some grapes and a handful of almonds or pistachios. If not, I'm reaching for the Twizzlers in the candy drawer or a snack pack of chocolate chip cookies. I never forget the La Croix to wash it all down. 

3:00 pm: Home stretch

After my last meeting of the day I'm back to writing functional specs, fine-tuning other documentation, and knocking out some configuration items. The project manager of one of my projects may call me to see what the status of a particular item is, or I may call our tech lead to work out a solution to a specific business requirement.

Depending on how hectic life is, I may swivel around in my chair and chat with my desk mate about the Blackhawks or how we're both doing in the office fantasy football league.

5:30 or 6:00 pm: I'm outta here!

People start filtering out of the office around 4:30 or 5. I prefer to sleep in a little in the morning and stay a bit later at work so I head out around 5:30 or 6. Then it's straight to the gym or the lakefront trail for a run.

8:00 pm: One last check-in.

Right after dinner I'll check my email one last time. I'll take care of anything that needs an immediate response and then I sign-off for the night. I'M OUT!

 A day in the life by the numbers:


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