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Metablasting Dynamics CRM 2015

Today’s post is courtesy of Srilekha Keshava, a Developer at Sonoma Partners.

In the previous post, we have discussed in detail about Sonoma Partners Metablast utility and the benefits of using the tool to generate an entity schema. Today, we are pleased to announce that Metablast has been updated for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Download the free utility!

Updating Metablast for Dynamics CRM 2015 required only a slight rework, namely matching the latest .NET Framework 4.5.2 to match CRM 2015 compatibility. The UI, connection information, and output remains the same.


As a reminder, once the organization is selected, Metablast displays the list of entities that are available to generate the schema.


A .CSV file with the schema of the selected entities is created.


Field Name


Entity Display Name

Display name of the entity

Entity Name

Logical/Schema name of an entity

Display Name

Field display name


Logical name of the field


A short description of the field


Type of field (Example: Option Set, Single Line of Text, etc.)

Is Custom

Is the field Custom or Native

Requirement Level

Is the field Optional, Recommended or Required

Audit Enabled

Enable/Disable audits

Security Enabled

Enable/Disable security


Is the field Readable


Is the field Creatable


Is the field Editable

On A Form

Is available on the form


Related target Entity for a Lookup field

Relationship Name

Relationship used for a lookup field

Options: Value

Option Set values if Type is Option Set

Max Length/Max Value

Maximum length/value of the field

Min Value

Minimum length/value of the field


Precision Value if Type is decimal

Note: When Metablast is ran against multiple entities, a single CSV file with schemas for the selected entities will be generated.