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Spring ’15 – Why we’re excited

Over the holidays, Salesforce posted the Spring ’15 release notes detailing what they’re planning on releasing come mid-February. I’ve poured through them to pull out what I think are the most exciting for both our customers and us.

Duplicate Management now Generally Available

We talked briefly about this in our Winter ’15 preview post, and with this release it has both become Generally Available and includes several improvements. This feature brings improved duplicate detection and blocking to the core Salesforce platform, and contrary to our preview post this feature does not require an extra license (although it does use technology). Several key enhancements were made from the Beta release in Winter ’15 including:

  • Support for custom objects
  • Ability to define cross object rules for duplicates
  • Support for picklist values
  • APIs and Apex classes added to let developers manage duplicate detection programmatically

There are some limitations to the duplicate detection to be aware of, so as always be sure to read the release notes.

This feature is available in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Analytics Cloud (Wave)

It would be difficult to create this list and justify leaving out Analytics Cloud. Arguably the biggest announcement to come out of Dreamforce this past year, Analytics Cloud is Salesforce’s take on how to do analytics and reporting in a user and mobile friendly way. It’s built on top of the Salesforce platform so there’s no need to host it yourself, but it does cost an additional fee.

This feature is available in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Exchange Sync (beta)

This feature is actually a combination of 2 new product offerings from Salesforce: an exchange connector which can sync contacts and events to and from an exchange server and Salesforce, and the Salesforce Side Panel. The exchange connector is the beta portion here, giving administrators the ability to set up a connection between Salesforce and Exchange so that users not using Outlook can still have the records sync between the two. Since this is a server side process, no additional software is needed to be installed on the user’s machines.

Create or Edit Records Owned by Inactive Users

This may seem like a silly feature at first, but any business that’s been around for more than a few years will probably have records owned by people who no longer work at the company. Until now, you needed to reassign those records to another user before you could update them. In some cases, especially in integration scenarios, we really just want to update the record no matter who the owner is. With this feature, we can finally do so.

This feature is available in all editions.

Google Maps

With this feature, any record which has a standard address field (Accounts, Contacts, etc) will now display a Google map image of the address if the fields are filled in. Note that Salesforce did send an opt-out notice, and that the feature can always be disabled via the settings menu.

And much more…

Of course, this only scratches the surface of all the improvements made by Salesforce in the upcoming release. If there’s something in particular you are wondering about that we didn’t cover here, feel free to read through the full release notes or contact us and we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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