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Best Time of Year to Purchase CRM software

Determining if it’s time for your organization to invest in CRM software can be a challenge. However once you’ve come to the conclusion that yes, you need CRM software for your business, do you know the best time of the year to buy? Knowing the fiscal calendar information for both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM might help you save a few bucks! Just like buying a car at the end of the month, quarter-end and year-end time periods mean that CRM salespeople are aggressively trying to close as many deals as possible to hit their own goals.

If you case you didn’t already know,’s fiscal year starts on February 1st, and Microsoft’s fiscal year starts on July 1st.

End of the Quarter
Clock-and-Calendar-1024If you’re ready to sign a contract but the end of the fiscal quarter is within arm’s reach, practice patience. As CRM vendors scramble to close out quarterly goals, recognize and take advantage of the opportunity you have to get a better deal on licensing and contract fees.

  • quarter-end dates: April 30, July 31, October 31
  • Microsoft quarter-end dates: September 30, December 31, March 31

End of the Year
Similar to the end of the quarter mentality, waiting to sign your CRM software contract at the end of the year could land you in the sweet spot for cost. Year end is the absolute BEST time to negotiate yourself a great deal on your CRM software licenses.

  • year-end date: January 31
  • Microsoft year-end date: June 30

Take Advantage of Offered Discounts
If you are working with a sales rep at Salesforce or Microsoft, please make sure to take advantage of the discounts they offer you when they offer them. We’ve seen situations where potential customers sit on a discount thinking they can get the same deal later. Unfortunately the quarter-end and year-end deals really do expire and some customers lose their discounts because they took too much time to make a decision. If you are ready to purchase, try to recognize a good deal when it’s handed to you!

When you’re planning your project, remember that the average project timeline with a CRM vendor takes 3-4 months from discovery to deployment. If you have an end date for when you would like your CRM to be up and running count backwards. Do your best to align your kick-off date with calendar to get the best rate for your CRM software and implementation.

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