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The Ten Most Important CRM Evaluation Criteria eBook

We know that selecting a CRM platform can be a “make or break” decision for you and your business. Pick right, and you will see big benefits such as increased sales, better reporting and more efficiency. Pick wrong, and you will waste a lot of time, energy and money on a CRM system that no one wants to use. The stakes couldn’t be much higher when choosing the best CRM platform for your business. To make matters worse if you’re like most buyers, you will probably only conduct one or two CRM selections in your entire career…so no pressure.

As a company that has conducted hundreds of CRM software evaluations over the past 10+ years, we have seen customers try all sorts of different tactics to try and make the best decision possible. Through our observations we have gained a pretty good idea of what works well to help make a CRM decision, and we also know which tactics might lead to problems down the road. With these experiences fresh in our mind (and wearing the scars from the not-so-great processes!), we created this eBook to share our candid feedback and best practices on how you should conduct a CRM platform selection.

Use this free eBook to help you shape your consideration and navigate your CRM software selection and purchase.

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