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Sonoma Partners’ CRM 2013 Editable Grid Released

Sonoma Partners' Editable Grid solution is now compatible with Dynamics CRM 2013.  Many Dynamics CRM Online 2011 customers have begun their upgrade to CRM 2013, and therefore the installation of this 2013 compatible solution will guarantee no loss in functionality after the upgrade completes.

Sonoma Partners’ Editable Grid utility allows users to quickly and easily update multiple records at one time. The editable grid button is accessed in the application ribbon, so users can always access it quickly. The editable grid button is available on Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, and Case

Editable Grids works with CRM 2013 Online and On Premise deployments.

This Community version of Editable Grid is available for free.  For more information on the CRM 2013 compatible version of Editable Grid, and information on how to download the solution, visit the Sonoma Partners’ Community Site.

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