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Introducing Dynamics CRM DevTools!

I am happy to announce Dynamics CRM DevTools, our new free developer tool for Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2011 UR 12+.  CRM DevTools is an extension to Google Chrome which can be found here in the Chrome web store.  This extension provides a variety of tools to help optimize customizing and troubleshooting within Dynamics CRM.  Currently all deployments of CRM 2013 and CRM 2011 UR 12+ are supported.  Below is usage information and a full list of features.



Form Information


  • Displays the current form’s back-end information

    • Entity Name
    • Entity Id
    • Entity Type Code
    • Form Type
    • Is Dirty
  • Ability to show the current form’s attribute’s schema names
  • Ability to refresh the current form
  • Ability to enable disabled attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)
  • Ability to show hidden attributes on the current form (System Administrators only)


Current User Information


  • Domain Name
  • User Id
  • Business Unit Id




  • Ability to open advanced find
  • Set focus to a field on the current form
  • Display a specific User and navigate to the record (by Id)
  • Display a specific Privilege (by Id)




  • Ability to update attributes from the current form (System Administrators only)
    • This is helpful when you need to update values for testing but the fields don’t exist on the form




  • Execute any Fetch XML statement and view the results
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