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What's New In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013: Portable Business Logic

Today's guest blogger is Jacob Cynamon-Murphy, a Sales Engineer at Sonoma Partners

In Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011, a developer can write JavaScript to automate the form in various ways.  With Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft brings that power to non-technical administrators and business analysts with Portable Business Logic (PBL).  Also referred to as "business rules," PBL empowers business analysts to visually define firm automation rules.  These rules are define as simple If-Then statements, combining one or more data conditions with one or more form actions.

With PBL, administrators can publish rules to dynamically alert a user, hide/show fields, lock/unlock read-only fields, set fields as required/not required, and even set values on fields, without the need to write any code. These business rules can be associated with a single entity form or all forms of the entity, and run in both browser and mobile application forms, so you are guaranteed consistency. 

The following video shows the end-user and administrator experiences with the new Portable Business Logic.


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