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Dynamics CRM 2013 to Hit the Shelves in Fall 2013

The internet is abuzz today with the official announcement of the next version of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM solution.  Microsoft has confirmed that they’re going to deliver the next version of their software in the fall of 2013.  And according to this official announcement, the company is naming this next version of the product Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  The online version of the product will be aptly named Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13.  No more will Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 be the latest and greatest version of Dynamics CRM.  Orion has officially been dubbed the next major release of Dynamics CRM.

As a reminder there are a lot of great new features coming with Orion…err...Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013:

  • New process-driven UI which will be available and extended to On Premise Orgs and all CRM entities.  Note that JavaScript is supposed to be supported in Dynamics CRM 2013 whereas it currently isn’t supported with the process-driven UI entities in CRM Online with the December 2012 Online release.
  • Yammer Integration
  • MarketingPilot Integration for more robust and complete marketing project tracking
  • Skype Integration
  • Bing Maps Integration
  • Windows 8 and iPad Apps

The new enhanced process-driven UI are some of the most anticipated new features that customers and partners are looking for.  This blog post goes into some detail and shows off some of the new flashy UI that we’ll all get once Dynamics CRM 2013 hits the shelves in the fall.  Below I provided one screenshot so you can wet your appetite for what’s to come.


We posted about this recently but there are also a couple of features that will be removed with Dynamics CRM 2013 so please plan accordingly before moving forward with this latest functionality:

  • Functionality Removed
  • Microsoft Lync Presence
  • Duplicate Detection during Record Creates & Updates
  • 2007 End Points
  • CRM 4.0 JS Form Scripting
  • JS DOM Manipulation
  • ISV Folder Support
  • 4.0 Plugins
  • 4.0 WF Activities
  • Some Ribbon Controls
  • Workplace & Personalization Options for New Orgs

Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President of Dynamics, also recently posted about the new major release of Dynamics CRM.  You can easily see that a lot of thought has gone into this release around streamlining the user experience, mobility, social, and marketing capabilities.  You can learn more about the vision of Microsoft Dynamics CRM via their CRM Vision page.

It’ll be exciting to see the new UI and features of Dynamics CRM when the new 2013 version becomes available in the fall.  And to think that’s at most 6 months away!

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