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CRM SDK v5.0.14 Has Been Released!

The CRM SDK v5.0.14 was released yesterday and it includes a new utility as well as some insight into the upcoming Yammer integration.

Solution Down-level Utility

The solution Down-level utility is a brand new tool that has been released in this latest version of the SDK.  According to the SDK article:

The Solution Down-level utility is a command-line executable program that exports a managed or unmanaged solution without any dependencies introduced by Update Rollup 12 or the December 2012 Service Update. The exported solution will be compatible with organizations that have installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 6.

This utility can only be used with an organization that has Update Rollup 12 or the December 2012 Service Update installed.

The SDK states that this utility should be used whenever you are distributing a solution from an Organization that contains UR 12 or the December 2012 Service Update.  The SDK also notes that even if your solution excludes UR 12 and December 2012 Service Update dependent components, you should still use the utility to export the solution as the native solution export may still include some dependencies.

It is best practice to develop your solution using the same version as the environment that it is being released to in order to mimic the environment that it will be used on.  In that scenario then this utility will not be necessary as you will be exporting/importing into the same environment version.  That being said, with UR 12 solutions that will be distributed to multiple environments of different type, this solution will be necessary for export.

Yammer Integration

The SDK also contains some exciting new information about the Yammer integration.  Yammer is a very powerful tool allowing your internal CRM users to interact with external clients, partners, etc. via the Yammer website.

The article titled “Connect to Yammer” talks about the ability to use Yammer in your CRM Online organization.  It states that before you set up a connection to Yammer, you must first create a paid Yammer enterprise account for your organization ($3 per user).  Each user must also have a valid Yammer account.

New CRM Online Resource Center articles are referenced in the SDK article as well:

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