Announcing Sonoma Partners Editable Grid for Dynamics CRM 2011

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A common request that we hear from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients is the ability to quickly edit records directly in the grid, without having to open up each record one at a time to make updates.  The great news is that now you can!

Sonoma Partners is pleased to announce the latest and greatest FREE solution available for download.  You heard that correct.  This solution is absolutely free and just takes a couple minutes to install.  The Sonoma Partners Editable Grid for Dynamics CRM 2011 can be downloaded from the our download page.  This is available for both CRM Online and CRM OnPrem versions of CRM 2011.

The editable grid solution works with the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, and Case entities out of the box.  You can also enable the solution to work with custom entities.  Those instructions are detailed on the help documentation for the editable grid solution.

As mentioned above, after downloading the solution, the installation is very simple.  Just import the solution using CRM’s native import process and you’re done.  After that you’ll notice an Edit Records button in the ribbon of those entities listed above.


Clicking on this button will open up a new window (or tab) that has the editable grid in it.  The editable grid that appears will have all the views that are available for that entity (System and Personal) so you can filter between records to edit.  The view and data that appear by default is the view and data that was appearing in CRM’s native grid when you clicked the Edit Records button.



After selecting your view to work with, you can update any field that’s editable within CRM.  System fields (such as Contact Full Name, Created On, Modified By, etc.) are not editable.  Fields that are read only on forms aren’t automatically read only in the editable grids as CRM 2011 allows multiple forms.  However, you can even configure additional columns to be read only by using the Editable Grid Settings entity.  You’ll need to create one record in this entity per entity that you want to include additional read only fields.  Simply enter in the schema name of the entity, and a comma delimited list of field schema names that you want to make read only.


Functionality that’s included with the Sonoma Partners editable grid:

  • You can update any field that’s editable (taking in mind the detail in the section above).  Changes aren’t saved until you click one of the save buttons.
  • You can save the changes and stay on the editable grid, or save and close the editable grid window.
  • Any unsaved changes you also have the chance to undo with the Cancel Changes button.
  • You can open the records in the native CRM form by clicking the magnifying glass on the far of the grid.
  • You can create a new record.  This assumes that the view you’re using has all required fields included in it.
  • You can change the view using the view selector.
  • You can also filter the data more using the down arrow on each column.  This is the same filtering that CRM makes available in the native grids.

Grab your FREE copy of the Sonoma Partners Editable Grid from our download page and enjoy!


  1. Does your editable grid allow for scripting with field updates within the grid?

    Posted by: Tim Priestley  |  Feb 22, 2013 5:49:43 PM

  2. Great solution !

    Is there a way that fields become disable by checking state of field available on the Form a/c to Security role + Field security level?


    Posted by: Zohaib Uddin Khan  |  Feb 23, 2013 1:15:29 AM

  3. Tim- The grid we've provided doesn't have field level events via scripting currently, but I could see that possibly being an enhancement made in the future.

    Zohaib - CRM 2011's multiple forms prevents us from easily determining if the field is disabled on the form or not. However, I could see a possible solution in the future where if the user's security roles only are tied to one form, that we'd check the field status on that one form to enable / disable it in the grid.

    Posted by: Peter Majer  |  Feb 23, 2013 6:49:32 PM

  4. Nice solution, as per the comments above it needs to have support for form scripting, then it can be more widely used.


    Posted by: Peter Moss  |  Feb 25, 2013 2:40:53 AM

  5. Great work guys! Can this be embedded as a resource or iFrame within a form?

    Posted by: Jon  |  Feb 26, 2013 1:26:27 PM

  6. Hi Jon-

    Currently as the grid stands, you cannot just plug it into a CRM form and have it retrieve the related records for the current record. However, if you're comfortable with editing JS, you can open up the web resource in the default solution, and edit the code that formats the fetchXML that's used to display the records in the grid, by adding in the parent record's GUID. However, be aware that for subsequent releases of this solution that are made available, if you modify customizable components, those would need to be re-updated to get the latest code that we release (standard CRM managed solution functionality).

    Posted by: Peter Majer  |  Feb 26, 2013 2:43:53 PM

  7. Can the editable grid work on the related entities page? Our problem is we want to edit just those contact records that relate to this account.

    Posted by: Alex  |  Feb 28, 2013 6:13:46 PM

  8. Hi Alex-

    What you're asking for is possible but you'd have to do something similar to the comment above with modifying the web resources in the default solution to get what you need. Out of the box this isn't supported, but great comment and we'll keep it in mind to add to the solution for the future!

    Posted by: Peter Majer  |  Feb 28, 2013 8:45:15 PM

  9. first at all, thanks very great work.

    tried to enable serviceappointment & activity pointer
    for booking time more quickly. Edit Record button is enabled now for service activities
    but showing an error when the grid window opens "editing the current entity is not supported"

    does I miss a detail by only editing the xml for the wanted entities like described here:
    for my custom entities it is working properly now but now for the strongly needed service activities...


    Posted by: Christian  |  Mar 6, 2013 10:37:44 AM

  10. Hi Christian-

    The solution currently only supports Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Case, and custom entities. Some native entities such as serviceappointment come with certain restrictions/constraints brought on by CRM. We've logged this request (support for other native entities) to address in a future release. Thanks!

    Posted by: Peter Majer  |  Mar 6, 2013 9:59:32 PM

  11. Just like the other posters said, absolutely stunning work guys.

    I just have one question which I didnt see mentioned anywhere yet and kinda bugs me - on certain organization of ours we have installed this addon and everything works as it should (we have modified the to not containt ribbon definitions, because we need to make those on our own cause of language localizations).

    However, on some custom entities it works and on some not and we cant find the different between the two. On all standard entities it works properly and on several other custom ones too. But theres another two entities, where the window just opens and green circle starts spinning and nothing happens.

    Do you have any idea what kind of entity customization could be causing this problem? I have tried to disable scripts / workflows / field security profiles etc. but nothing seems to help so far.

    Thank you very much for help.

    Posted by: Vit Matysek  |  Mar 7, 2013 7:38:22 AM

  12. Hi Vit-

    Thanks for your note. We actually have a Community Site that you can use to submit questions, issues, requests, or new ideas. You can get to it at

    If you submit something there, someone will definitely get back to you from the product team that worked on the solution. Feel free to hop on the Community Site and send us your feedback. It's much appreciated!


    Posted by: Peter Majer  |  Mar 13, 2013 10:47:53 AM

  13. Hi Everyone,

    Can we use this grid in .net web page?
    if yes then how.

    Thanks & Regards

    Posted by: RAVI  |  Mar 21, 2013 12:13:23 AM

  14. Has there been any work to getting this to work with activities? I keep getting an alert saying it is not able to edit the entity. "editing the current entity is not supported".


    Posted by: Brett  |  Mar 16, 2015 3:42:37 PM

  15. Hi Brett-

    There has been no progress getting this to work with Activities - this isn’t something we support. Also, there currently aren’t any plans to change this right now but that's not to say that won't be the case in the future.


    Posted by: Pete Majer  |  Mar 16, 2015 4:08:58 PM

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