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UR 12 Server Bits Re-Released

Today Microsoft announced that the UR 12 server bits have been re-released.  The community has been eagerly awaiting these updated components and this is exciting news with some of the new features and bug fixes that UR 12 brings with it

However, we typically tell our clients to wait awhile until the latest UR is blessed by the MSCRM community before being the first one to install it.  Unless there’s a specific defect that requires you to install the UR immediately, we recommend waiting before installing.  Even then, if you’re going to install, install it in a development or test environment first before moving to your production environment.

To download UR 12 go to Microsoft’s download site here.  It’s interesting to note that all components show a v2 next to them even though the server bits were the only troublesome bits that were previously removed.

UR 12 will have some components of Polaris (December Update 2012) namely the multi-browser support and bulk data API.  The rest of the Polaris features that CRM Online users are receiving will be available in Orion which should come in Summer 2013 timeframe.

If you’re interested in how to restrict certain browsers from accessing your CRM organization (as many clients have corporate browsers they want to support), my colleague Blake Scarlavai wrote up a good blog post on how to do just such a thing.  You can find that post here.

Greg Nichols wrote up a good blog post that details some of the specifics of UR 12 that would be good to read through.

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